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GP Tutor Information

GP Tutors

Information for GPs who teach WMS students in their Practice.


Do you have Warwick University medical students in your practice?

Upcoming Uni Study Dates for GP Tutors


  • Tuesday 9th October, or Thursday 11th October 2018
  • Tuesday 20th November, or Thursday 22nd November 2018
  • Thursday 10th January, or Tuesday 15th January 2019

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Some student feedback:

".......I learnt the majority of my medicine on this block"

"......I enjoyed my block I didn’t think that I would as wasn’t interested in becoming a GP, and I had a really good teacher, lots of cases and practised lots of skills."

".....the feedback from my GP was really helpful"

".....the teaching I received at the xxxxx surgery was the best part of the whole year. I really enjoyed being part of the team”

WMS is:

  • the largest graduate-entry course in the UK

  • an intake of over 170 students each year

  • students with a range of undergraduate degrees from Arts and Sciences

  • students practice in 4 GP surgeries over the curriculum