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GP Tutor Information

GP Tutors

Information for GPs who teach WMS students in their Practice.


Do you have Warwick University medical students in your practice?

  • Yes:

  • Thank you all very much for continuing the student's important training during this difficult time!

  • Not Yet

Upcoming Uni Study Dates for GP Tutors 2021- 22


The annual GP tutor training and update will be remote meetings again this year

  • November 2021: Tuesday 2nd Nov, Thursday 4th Nov, and Tues 30th Nov.
  • December 2021: TBC
  • January 2022: Tuesday 11th Jan, and Tuesday 13th Jan 2022

Warwick Medical School Students and Covid 19

We need to ensure that we have the next cohort of students ready to graduate in 2022, and that all our students receive a quality education en route, despite the difficulties with their training.

  • Students will have received virtual training on telephone and video consultations before coming out to practice.
  • Thank you all very much for having the students and continuing their important training during this incredibly difficult time!

WMS is:

  • the largest graduate-entry course in the UK

  • an intake of over 200 students each year

  • students with a range of undergraduate degrees from Arts and Sciences

  • students practice in 4 GP surgeries over the curriculum
  • an active student-led GP Society