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Resilience Programme

Enhancing Resilience and Wellbeing in GP trainees: a new approach to developing mindful practice

A unique programme aimed at supporting resilience, wellbeing and patient-centered care, specifically developed to meet the needs of GP trainees, and to help prepare you with the reflective skills that are relevant to a fulfilling career in general practice.

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions, running on your teaching days between 12:30 and 13:30. You will need to attend all of them.
  • Session themes include professionalism, how doctors think, witnessing suffering, medical errors, well-being and burnout, communication breakdown, and handling conflict compassionately.
  • Guided mindfulness practice as well as other exercises are covered, including keeping a mindfulness diary to record experiences and prompt reflection.
  • The programme is being evaluated by the Unit of Academic Primary Care at Warwick Medical School. You will be asked to complete questionnaires to assess your wellbeing and resilience.

The programme begins on Thursday 28th of February 2019.

To make an expression of interest or to find out more please contact Dr Petra Hanson drpetrahanson at gmail dot com or Dr Manuel de Villarreal mvillarreal at nhs dot net

You can upload the following:

Enhancing resilience and wellbeing in GP trainees through developing mindful practice
Mindfulness Programme for GP Trainees

Mindfulness Programme for GP Trainees

Enhancing resilience and wellbeing in GP trainees through developing mindful practice
Focus Group

Focus Group

Consent form for participants recruited into Enhancing resilience and wellbeing in GP trainees through developing mindful practice

The programme is led by Dr Majid Khan. Dr Khan is a GP in the Midlands and has a personal meditation practice of over twenty years. He is co-lead for student selected module 'Mindfulness in medical practice' at Warwick Medical School, and is part of the team teaching the "Wellbeing" component of the curriculum at Warwick Medical School.

He is also guest lecturer and tutor/ facilitator on mindfulness and well being at the newly opened Aston Medical School.

He has trained under Professor Ronald Epstein,in Mindful Medical Practice, and is an intern at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, NY, under Prof. Epstein. He has authored several articles in the American Online Medical Journal 'Pulse' and in the BJGP, on spiritual/ mindful aspects of medicine.

He is co author of chapter "Compassion in General Practice", in the RCGP commissioned book "Compassion, Continuity and Caring in the NHS', edited by Professor Rodger Charlton.