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Care Companion Study

Thank you for visiting this webpage to learn about The Care Companion study. The study is now closed and we are no longer recruiting participants to assist us.
The Research

Care Companion was an online resource that offered information, advice and support to people with caring responsibilities, tailored to their particular circumstances and requirements. It was developed by a team at Warwick Medical School together with a panel of people with extensive experience of being carers.

GPs know that people with caring responsibilities face lots of challenges, especially during COVID. They were exploring how Care Companion may relieve some of the pressures that people face, and invited people who they knew were caring for their patients as a family member or friend to take part in our research.

The research looked at how Care Companion is used, and how it could benefit those who use it.

Who is organising and funding the study?

The study is led by Warwick Medical School and sponsored by the University of Warwick. It is funded by the National Institute for Health Research, Research for Patient Benefit Programme. It has been reviewed by the University of Warwick and the NHS research ethics committee to ensure that it is completely ethical and safe.

The Research Team

Professor Jeremy Dale Chief Investigator

Dr Veronica Nanton Research Project Manager

Professor Rob Procter

Associate Professor Lazaros Andronis

Dr Celia Bernstein Research Fellow

Dr Patricia Apenteng - Research Fellow

Theresa Day Researcher

Gillian Grason Smith Public Representative