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Projects Currently Recruiting for PPI

GP Management After Transition Events (GP-MATE)

No prior experience of research/particular skills are needed, but experience of coming out from hospital would be helpful. We need people who are interested in taking part in a co-production process to help our team make a new communication tool for patients/carers and their GP practices. We will guide you through the process of how to do this and provide skills training if required.
We are seeking people aged 65+ and/or their carers for a study to improve safety of general practice care after coming out of hospital.

Our co-production will involve:

  • Around 10 people from the local area (and 20 people in other areas)

  • 3 ½ day meetings (face-to-face or virtual depending on Covid-19 situation) in spring 2022

  • Some pre-reading (time is reimbursed)

Benefits of taking part are:

  • Expenses for your time and travel reimbursement

  • Meeting new and like-minded people

  • Making a difference to the safety and quality of NHS care received by older people

People who have enjoyed the co-production process may like to join us as PPI representatives at meetings with local and national clinicians where we will make our communication tool workable in a primary care setting.

If you would like to get involved, or for more information, please email the study coordinator Dr Rachel Spencer (Academic GP) on 

Recruitment is on-going with no current deadline.

Privacy in the Community Pharmacy - STOP PRESS click here for information about attending a Public Engagement event on this topic on July 29th 2021 or check out the event page.

Do you feel that we need more privacy, confidentiality and anonymity in community pharmacies? Join this public involvement group to share your views

Many pharmacies in the UK are now involved in the delivery of a range of public health services including sexual health services, flu vaccinations and smoking cessation services. However, the public uptake of pharmacy services has been low. I am planning to conduct research exploring whether increasing privacy in the pharmacy could encourage more people to use the pharmacy while also increasing people’s comfort and service satisfaction.
As it is very important that the voice of the public is included in the research, we are looking for:

  • Volunteers who are happy to join my public involvement group on privacy, anonymity and confidentiality in the community pharmacy. The group will meet once or twice a year in interactive events (virtually or face-to-face) to discuss their views on privacy, anonymity and confidentiality. Volunteers participating in events and one-on-one consultations will receive a voucher as thank you for their time and travel costs will also be paid.

  • Group members will also be invited to review some of my study materials, for example flyers and information sheets in one-on-one conversations to ensure they are clearly understandable.

  • Two co-investigators who are happy to be involved in ongoing meetings with the study lead and research team and support the analysis. This will take about 20 hours per year and expenses will be paid at £20 per hour.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Dr Julia Gauly 

Recruitment will close before the end of July 2021.

We are currently recruiting to the projects or studies below. Please scroll down for further information through the boxes on the left:
  • GP Management After Transition Events (GP-MATE)
  • Privacy in the Community Pharmacy