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parkrun Practice

In June 2018 there was a launch and joint collaboration between the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and parkrun, in the promotion of GP practices linking with their local parkrun to become a ‘parkrun practice’ and promoting parkrun through the appropriate channels.

With the support of the parkrun Research Board and Royal College of General Practitioners, this area of work aims to investigate uptake, engagement and delivery of an initiative to promote parkrun in general practice, as well as exploring motivations and expectations of registered practices and reasons for non-uptake among non-registered practices. In doing so, this study aims to help us understand the ways in which the initiative is being implemented and how it may be further enhanced. The study will use mixed methods as follows:

  • Online survey to all parkrun practices across the UK (over 700 in March 2019)
  • Online survey to all UK parkrun event teams (607 parkrun events nationwide)
  • Interviews with GPs / lead person at 6 x parkrun practices in West Midlands
  • Interviews with GPs at 6 x non-registered parkrun practices in West Midlands
  • Focus groups with 2 x practice staff at parkrun practices in West Midlands
  • Interviews with 3 x key stakeholders involved in the parkrun practice initiative

Findings from this study will feed directly into development of further research exploring on a larger scale how GP practices are engaging with parkrun and what impact this is having on patient and practice outcomes.

Funded by

CRN CI Development Fund; University of Warwick Research Development Fund; parkrun/RCGP funding


Joanna Fleming

Research team members

Jeremy Dale, Carol Bryce


parkrun HQ and Ambassadors, RCGP

Study Dates

March 2019 – July 2019