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Timeline and the process

This project is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and led by researcher, Eleanor Hoverd (HEE/NIHR ICA Doctoral Fellow) at the Unit of Academic Primary Care, Warwick Medical School.

The project started on April 1st 2022 and will end 31st March 2025.

This research project consists of five work packages.

Work package 1

(Months 1-36)

Eleanor will work closely with people from Black African Diaspora Communities and the research team, co-producing this research. To learn more about co-production in this research, click here Co-production

Work package 2

(Months 2-12)

This will involve doing an in-depth review of the literature , or the evidence that we have available (realist review). A realist review is a way of finding out what works, for whom, how and under what circumstances. It helps to build a theory about this.

Work package 3

(Months 13-29)

Adults over the age of 18 who self-identify as being part of a Black African Diaspora Community, with, or without experience of taking part in health and care research will be invited to take part in interviews and focus groups. Up to 30 interviews will take place and three focus groups. Those taking part in focus groups will not have any experience of taking part in health and care research before. These individuals will include faith/community leaders, people who deliver health and social care research, researchers, healthcare professionals with experience of inviting people to take part in health and care research, ethics committee members, policymakers and funders.

Work package 4

(Months 29-33)

A set of two workshops will focus on co-production of a framework model that will help to create a set of principles, recommendations and an early design of a model that will support inclusion and participation of Black African Diaspora Communities in health and care research.

Work package 5

(Months 2-36)

When all of the information has been collected , a report will be written up based on what we found in the study.

We will used different ways to share the information that we found with patients and the public, researchers, research delivery staff, policymakers , funders and other academics.