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Social Science and Systems in Health Unit - Current Postgraduate Research Students

The Social Science and Systems in Health (SSSH) Unit has a strong track record of supervising and supporting postgraduate research students to successful completion of their doctoral research. Warwick Medical School postgraduate research students are supported by a comprehensive postgraduate training programme which provides research methods training and opportunities to develop a wide range of study and transferable skills. Listed below are research degrees currently being supervised by members of the SSSH Unit. Information about research degrees at Warwick Medical School

Research Degrees currently being supervised by Members of the Social Science and Systems in Health Unit

Title of Research

Name of Student


Better Births? Understanding women’s childbirth choices, decisions and outcomes in England today: A feminist, Bourdieusian analysis

Georgia Clancy

Caroline Wright (Sociology)

Felicity Boardman (WMS)

Improving Information for Research Participation

Kirstie Shearman

Heather Draper & Gregory Moorlock

Compassionate Communities. A public health palliative care approach. A multi-sited case study

Manjula Patel

Anne-Marie Slowther & Gillian Hundt

Exploring stakeholder experience of holistic vascular risk assessment programmes

Elizabeth Corrigan

Debbie Biggerstaff, Annie Young & Mark Sujan

Applying distributed cognition as a theoretical framework for the transfer of cognitive artefacts from aviation to surgical environments

Sharon Pickering

Damian Griffin & Mark Sujan

“Care pathways in Traumatic Brain Injury”

Inès Kander

Diane Playford & Sudakshina

Investigating the role of healthcare provision in the construction of patients' experience of physical disability: A case study of dystonia patients and healthcare practitioners in England

Celia Bernstein Felicity Boardman and Frances Griffiths

International Medical Electives in Socio-Economically Contrasting Settings - A Mixed Methods Study

Birgit Fruhstorfer David Davies and Frances Griffiths

The experiences of female sex workers in accessing health care: on exploratory study

Hilda Kamambe Frances Griffiths and Celia Taylor

The Development and Implementation of National Health System Performance Assessment Frameworks in Malta and Beyond and Their Impact upon Policy Development

Kenneth Grech Peter Spurgeon and Matthew Cooke

Graduate-entry Medicine student: Challenges to transition through Medical School

Simon Tso David Davies and Mandy Barnett

The use of self-sampling to screen for sexually
transmitted infections

Tommer Spence Frances Griffiths and Jonathan Ross

Using online patient experiences to improve evidence

Julia Walsh Frances Griffiths and Jonathan Cave