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Associate Professor Andrew Thompson


Title: Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry

Address: Warwick Medical School, Gibbett Hill, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Tel: 02476574387


Research Interests:

My current research interests fall into 3 main themes

1) Clinical and psychological predictors of developing psychotic disorders and psychotic symptoms

2) Novel treatments for the early phase of psychotic disorders

3) Implementation and evaluation of evidence based mental health interventions (including Youth Mental Health services)


I studied Medicine at Oxford University and St Georges Hospital in London before training in Psychiatry in Nottingham and Bristol. During this time I developed a research and clinical interest in the development of psychotic illness in young people including the development of specific psychotic symptoms. This has led to research into strategies to intervene early in the course of psychotic disorders to influence long term outcome.

I spent 5 years working in a clinical research institute in Melbourne, Australia (Orygen Youth Health and Research Centre) which specialises in early psychosis and has led pioneering research into youth mental health. I moved to Warwick mid 2013.


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Links and media:

Recent podcast on At Risk Mental State

Current funded projects as investigator:

  • Pathways to psychosis:Investigating environmental, cognitive and genetic mechanisms underlying development of psychotic experiences in young adults (MRC)
  • Impact and process evaluation of the Birmingham 0-25 Mental Health service
  • EMPOWER: Early Signs Monitoring to Prevent Relapse and PrOMote Wellbeing, Engagement and Recovery (NIHR)
  • Virtual Reality as a method of delivering social cognitive therapy in early psychosis (VEEP study) (MQ)


International Early Psychosis Association

International Association for Youth Mental Health 

Courses Taught

Health Sciences PhD (RMDA-B91P)

Health Sciences MSc (RMDA-B92P)

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBchB)

Potential thesis topics

  • Sleep disturbances in early psychosis: A project investigating the prevalence and consequences of disturbed sleep patterns and sleep disturbances in individuals presenting with early psychosis and potential treatment approaches
  • Social cognition and risk of psychotic symptoms: Exploring new and existing data on the relationship between early social cogntion abilities (such as Theory of Mind) and risk for developing psychotic symptoms
  • Treatment of social cognition deficits in psychosis: Developing new interventions or enhnacing existing interventions to improve functioning in individuals developing a psychotic illness that focus on improving social cognition skills
  • Trauma as a risk factor for developing psychosis: Exploring new and exisiting data on the impact of trauma in those presenting with high risk features of psychosis