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Press releases

Plant-based diets shown to lower blood pressure even with limited meat and dairy (25/07/2020)
British Medical Journal. Confusion over CPR in patients with Covid-19 (18/05/2020)
Prof Franco Cappuccio awarded Recognition of Excellence Award in Dietary Salt Reduction (22/09/2019)
The W.H.O. European Salt Action Network (07/12/2018) To ease out the policy of population salt reduction to prevent cardiovascular disease is dangerous and scientifically unjustified
Research by Professor Franco Cappuccio featured in Nature (05/12/2018)
Nature Scientific Reports (30/11/2018) Falls are more likely when you’ve had a bad night sleep
Oxford University Press (06/06/2018) New book covers the A to Zzzzzz of sleep
MMM18 (04/05/2018) Coventry & Warwickshire people urged to take advantage of blood pressure checks
Sleep (16/04/2018) Lack of Sleep leads to Obesity in Children and Adolescents
B.I.H.S. (13/09/2017) Professor Franco Cappuccio takes top position in national blood pressure group
The Average Human (12/07/2016) Warwick expertise used to explore the ‘average human’
Sleep (01/11/2015) Therapy could help chronic pain sufferers get a good night’s sleep
BMJ Open (11/09/2015) Call for government to curb the production and sale of cheap salty junk food
BMJ Open (27/08/2014) Social inequalities in salt consumption remain despite national drop in salt intake over last 10 years
PLoS ONE (26/06/2014) Little or poor sleep may be associated with worse brain function when aging
BBC Inside Out West Midlands (20/01/2014) Elderly see blood pressure rise as temperatures drop
BMJ Open (08/01/2013) High salt intake linked to social inequalities
National Blood Pressure Week (12/09/2011) 'Know your numbers' during National Blood Pressure Week
World Health Organization (12/08/2011) Less salt, less strokes says new research from Warwick
European Heart Journal (08/02/2011) Late nights can lead to higher risk of strokes and heart attacks
Christmas (14/10/2010) Sleep experts warn Santa Claus of health risks of flying all night
Sleep Health & Society (08/11/2010) Snoozy men leave early mornings to the ladies
Diabetes Care (07/09/2010) Short sleepers at higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease
Sleep (04/05/2010) Short Sleep Increases Risk of Death & Over Long Sleep Can Indicate Serious Illness
British Medical Journal (25/09/2009) High salt intake linked to strokes and cardiovascular disease
Sleep (01/07/2009) Lack of sleep could be more dangerous for women than men
Hypertension (12/11/2008) Over 50% of People With High Blood Pressure Unaware They Have Condition
EWTD (01/07/2008) Study says cut to junior doctors’ hours does not compromise patients’ safety