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Dr Robert Dallmann

Job Title
Associate Professor
WMS - Biomedical Sciences
+44 24 76 522536
Web Link
Research Interests

Trained as a circadian biologist and in vivo pharmacologist, my research is focused on the interplay between the intricate internal timing system significantly modulating most physiological processes, and disease and pharmacotherapy. Understanding - on a mechanistic level - how circadian disruption can lead to and influence disease progression and treatment is the main focus. The perspective of his work include to significantly improve already existing treatment options and to aid in the development of new drugs.

More information can be found on the Group Webpage

Title Funder Award start Award end
Developing pipelines for organ-osmium compounds in biomedical research Anglo Platinum Marketing Limited 01 Jul 2021 30 Apr 2024
MRC equipment full proposal MRC 01 Oct 2022 31 Mar 2023
Imaging neural activity in freely behaving rodents at the single cell level MRC 01 Mar 2016 31 Aug 2017
CRUK meeting and conference support - Quantitative Biomedicine Programme Cancer Research UK 01 Jun 2016 30 Sep 2016