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Do you aspire to solve resource issues in your hospital, or cut waiting times in your GP practice? By utilising the expertise of clinicians with substantive leadership experience within the NHS and academic know-how from our prestigious Warwick Business School, you will gain the means to tackle the current and future challenges facing healthcare today.

Our Introduction to management in health service organisations course allows students to develop the skills required to meet the current and future needs of the NHS. The course is suitable for people with managerial, clinical or administrative backgrounds, who are interested in developing their leadership contribution in the healthcare sector.

Our course

Course Title Level Type Programme
Introduction to management in health service organisations Postgraduate Award Postgraduate 5 days attendance
Warwick Medical School

wmsEstablished in 2000, Warwick Medical School forms part of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine at the University of Warwick, one of the UK's leading universities.

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