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Assessment in Clinical Education

The Assessment in Clinical Education is designed to improve your understanding of the approaches taken to assessment. The module will enable you to understand the theoretical frameworks for assessment and evaluation, and help you relate theory to practice.

Assessment is an essential element of any educational process, especially for those preparing for or undertaking clinical roles. Much work has been done in recent years to improve the effectiveness of assessment

Evaluation is a key driver for curriculum change and development, and is a major component of the quality assurance cycle.

This module allows you to gain a clear understanding of assessment and evaluation, and how you can put theory into practice.

Module content:

Building on earlier learning about curriculum theory and design, you will develop your understanding of the testing of learning outcomes and objectives, in order to determine if learners have achieved mastery.

The module will explore current methods and directions in assessment of learning in medicine, both formative and summative. Basic assessment theory will be explored, particularly in relation to concepts of validity, reliability and generalisability with particular emphasis on the application to clinical settings. You will be encouraged to be innovative in applying your knowledge and skills to the review of your current practice and to the solution of novel assessment problems.

As a core module for the Certificate in Medical Education accredited by the Higher Education Academy this module contributes in the following ways to meeting the Requirements of the Higher Education Academy:

  • Of the five 'areas of activity' described by the HEA, this module will focus particularly on areas 3 and 5 (assessment, integrating scholarship/research into teaching.)
  • Of the six aspects of 'core knowledge' described by the HEA, this module will focus particularly on areas 2 and 6 (appropriate methods of assessing in the area and at the level of the academic programme, and the implications of quality assurance and quality enhancement for professional practice.)
  • Of the four 'professional values' described by the HEA, this module will focus particularly on values 1, 3 and 5 (respecting diverse learning communities, incorporating research/scholarship into teaching with a commitment to continuing professional development, and recognising the implications for professional practice of the wider context in which higher education operates.)
Induction module

Before completing the course, you will undertake our Induction and Professional Development module, introducing you to all the underpinning regulations, guidance and support available to you during your postgraduate study.

Key Facts


George Hill / Amerjit Singh

Course type: Module

Course Leaders: 

Dr Celia Brown

Duration: 5 days

Credits: 20

Module Code: MD900

Assessment: 4,000 word assignment, to be submitted 8 weeks following the taught sessions

Available on which courses?

Core module: Medical Education(MMedEd)

Next Course Start Date:

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Application Deadlines:

Cohort A - 21/12/2020

Cohort A01 - 29/04/2020

Teaching scheduled in Terms 2 and 3 is provisional and may change. It is therefore advised that you check individual module pages in advance of teaching.

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