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Assessment in Clinical Education


The Assessment in Clinical Education is designed to improve your understanding of the approaches taken to assessment. The module will enable you to understand the theoretical frameworks for assessment and evaluation, and help you relate theory to practice.

Assessment is an essential element of any educational process, especially for those preparing for or undertaking clinical roles. Much work has been done in recent years to improve the effectiveness of assessment

Evaluation is a key driver for curriculum change and development, and is a major component of the quality assurance cycle.

This module allows you to gain a clear understanding of assessment and evaluation, and how you can put theory into practice.

You will need to have completed the Essentials of Clinical Education module prior to attending this module.

Key Facts

Contact: Jessica Simpson / Anna Scott

Module Leads: Ricardo Le and Collette ClayLink opens in a new window

Module Code: MD900

CATS: 20


Cohort A 27/01/2025 - 31/01/2025

Cohort A1 28/04/2025 - 02/05/2025

Required dates:

MD900 will be taught as a five-day block. Day 1 & 2 online and days 3, 4 & 5 on campus. Students will need to keep up with learning materials during the week.

Cohort A

27/01/2025 Synchronous online via Teams
28/01/2025 Synchronous online via Teams
29/01/2025 On campus
30/01/2025 On campus
31/01/2025 On campus

Cohort A1

28/04/2025 Synchronous online via Teams
29/04/2025 Synchronous online via Teams
30/04/2025 On campus
01/05/2025 On campus
02/05/2025 On campus

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Module content

Building on earlier learning about curriculum theory and design, you will develop your understanding of the testing of learning outcomes and objectives, in order to determine if learners have achieved mastery.

The module will explore current methods and directions in assessment of learning in medicine, both formative and summative. Basic assessment theory will be explored, particularly in relation to concepts of validity, reliability and generalisability with particular emphasis on the application to clinical settings. You will be encouraged to be innovative in applying your knowledge and skills to the review of your current practice and to the solution of novel assessment problems.

Module dates

Cohort A: 27/01/2025

Required online days 27/01/2025 and 28/01/2025,

Required onsite campus days 29/01/2025,30/01/2025 and 31/01/2025

Cohort A1: 28/04/2025

Required online days 28/04/2025 and 29/04/2025

Required onsite campus days 30/04/2025, 01/05/2025 and 02/05/2025


4,000 word assignment