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Becoming an Effective Teacher


The ‘Becoming an Effective Teacher’ module focuses on the attributes and capabilities of the 'effective teacher' and how you can acquire and develop these qualities. This module gives you opportunity for you to develop as an educator through evaluation of your current practice.

This module is designed for clinicians and health professionals and others who are involved in the delivery of medical education at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. All candidates must have experience in teaching and be currently actively involved in teaching activities in a healthcare context.

You will need to have completed the Essentials of Clinical Education module prior to attending this module.

Module objectives

This module gives you the opportunity to undertake self-evaluation against frameworks and models attempting to describe effective teaching. This will allow you to gain insights into the processes which support the development of teaching expertise.

There is a focus on your own priorities (derived from self-evaluation) and on key contexts for practice (particular clinical settings, interprofessional education).

Key facts

Contact: Jessica Simpson / Anna Scott

Module Leads: Professor Lesley Roberts and Associate Professor Catherine Hale

Module code: MD907

CATS: 20


Cohort A 25/11/2024- 16/01/2025

Cohort A1 03/03/2025 - 10/04/2025

Required dates:

Weeks 1-4: Asynchronous online learning.

Cohort A 25/11/2024-10/01/2025

Cohort A1 03/03/2025 - 28/03/2025

Asynchronous learning can be done at any time but we recommend that two full days are set aside in this time for study. Materials will be available at the start of the module. Optimally, students would engage over 4 weeks online but if only able to secure 1 week study leave, students could ‘block engage’ with all material. Asynchronous materials must be completed before the on-campus days.

Week 5: Two consecutive taught days on campus

Cohort A 15/01/2025 and 16/01/2025

Cohort A1 -09/04/2025 and 10/04/2025

Online drop-in dates (optional): TBC

Apply online

Funding Opportunities

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Module dates 2024/25

Cohort A: 25/11/2024 to 16/01/2025

Taught days on campus 15/01/2025 and 16/01/2025

Cohort A01: 03/03/2025 to 10/04/2025

Taught days on campus 09/04/2025 to 10/04/2025

Online drop-in dates (optional): TBC


4,000-word portfolio, to be submitted 8 weeks following the taught sessions.