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Aims and Learning Outcomes

To a large extent this module collects and consolidates aims from other modules, including:

  • Developing your ability to critically evaluate an area of professional practice
  • Exposing you to systematic critical analysis of key service and organisational developments in their professional field
  • Developing your ability to undertake substantial independent study
  • Developing your ability to produce a piece of work informed by the forefront of research and evaluation, and with the potential for publication for a professional audience
Learn to
  • Demonstrate a systematic critical understanding of knowledge informed by the forefront of research and/or service evaluation in a specific area relevant to their professional practice
  • Give an effective oral presentation of work in progress and of project findings, taking appropriate account of the audience?s level of experience and understanding
  • Produce an extended piece of writing with the potential for publication for a professional audience
  • Critically evaluate an area of professional practice and suggest possible developments and improvements for implementation
  • Work confidently with a range of information technology (for example: WP, spreadsheets, www, databases) as applicable to the project aims and methods
  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems
  • Act autonomously in planning and implementing tasks at a professional or equivalent level
  • Use the principles and techniques of critical appraisal to evaluate the limitations of research evidence, including complex interventions and studies at the forefront of methodological development, relating to an aspect of health care
  • Continue to advance their knowledge and understanding, and to develop new expertise to a high level

Key Facts

Cheryl Grantham/Gaynor Mercer/Claire Runaghan

Professor Bob Ireland

8-10,000 word project report


CATS: 40

Code: MD955

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