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Clinical Examination Skills for Health Care Professionals

The Clinical Examination Skills module provides you with the theoretical underpinning and practice base. This will enable you to deliver safe and effective autonomous care. You will need to be currently employed or have access to clinical placements that will support development of clinical skills during the course of the module. You will need to have access to clinical and educational mentorship support.

The module will include patients presenting with undifferentiated and undiagnosed primary and secondary care conditions across the age and acuity spectrum.

This module is suitable for healthcare professionals from a variety of background areas of specialist practice including:

  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Operating Department Practitioners
  • Critical Care Outreach
  • Paramedical staff
  • Doctors who want to pursue a clinically-focussed career pathway

This module has components which are taken over several months. You must attend all dates in these months and return to undertake CBEs.

All applicants must possess at least four years post-registration experience. They will need to be currently employed in a role that will support development of clinical skills during the course of the modules, and have testimony of mentorship support from their employers.

Module content:

This module covers three key areas:

  • Key functional anatomy and physiology of the major body systems and related pathophysiological processes
  • The component parts of the consultation process and how to effectively manage patients with presenting with undifferentiated and undiagnosed problems. The module will cover how to:
    • Undertake a detailed history
    • Perform a focused physical examination using the medical model
    • Identify appropriate investigations and provide a rationale for these
    • Making a diagnosis and a list of differentials
    • Select a treatment/management plan for the patient
  • The practical elements of a top-to-toe physical examination and how to integrate this into the patient consultation
Induction module

Before completing the course, you will undertake our Induction and Professional Development module, introducing you to all the underpinning regulations, guidance and support available to you during your postgraduate study.

Key facts


Cheryl Grantham/ Eva Mussio/ Claire Runaghan

Course leader: Kirsti Soanes

Duration: 12 tutorial days

Credits: 40

Course type: Module

Module code: MD982

Assessment: Four case-based examinations (CBE)

Portfolio of evidence of own clinical practice

Next Course Start: 

Cohort A01

Application Deadline 06/02/2019

Day 1 – 20th March '19
Day 2 – 21st March '19
Day 3 – 10th April '19
Day 4 – 11th April '19
Day 5 – 8th May '19
Day 6 – 9th May '19
Day 7 – 15th May '19
Day 8 – 16th May '19
Day 9 – 22nd May '19
Day 10 – 23rd May '19
Day 11 – 5th June '19
Day 12 – 6th June '19
CBE – 4th July '19

Available on the following course:

Core module: Advanced Clinical Practice for Health Care Professionals


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