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Social Determinants of Health

Learn about concepts of health and illness, including:

  • An introduction to the social determinants of health
  • Poverty and Health
  • Explanations for the Social Patterning of Health
  • Tackling Health Inequalities
  • Gender and Health
  • Ethnicity and Health
  • Disability and Health
  • ‘New’ Public Health


Induction module

Before completing the course, you will undertake our Induction and Professional Development module, introducing you to all the underpinning regulations, guidance and support available to you during your postgraduate study.

Key Facts


Dolores Towers/ Anna Scott


Dr Wolf Markham

Duration: 5 days

4,000 word essay

CATS: 20

Code: MH903

Next course:

Cohort A:

(04/02/2019 - 06/02/2019)


11/02/2019 - 12/02/2019)

Application Deadline: 21/12/2018

How to Apply

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