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External Awards

BMBMS Medical Student Prize


In 2018, Nyree Jackson took part in a poster presentation at the BMFMS conference and won the medical student prize for fetal medicine. The poster was based on research concerning 'Maternal use of beta blockers during pregnancy and the effect on neonatal outcomes' conducted for her SSC2.


Society of British Neurological Surgeons Poster Prize

In December 2016, MB ChB student Ali Rezaei Haddad was awarded the national first place award for the best research poster presented at the Society of British Neurological Surgeons Career Day at the Royal College of Surgeons for his poster on “Long-Term Efficacy of Constant Current Deep Brain Stimulation in Essential Tremor”.

The research study was a self-proposed project during the SSC 2 block of Phase III, which Ali carried out at King’s College Hospital in London.

JTP Family Trust Medical Science Award kasha

In April 2016, MB ChB student Kasha Rogers-Smith was awarded a JPT Family Trust Medical Science Award, which supports research by medical students in Asia. Kasha went to India in October 2016 (SSC2 Phase III) to focus on her project researching the pre-hospital care of spinal cord injuries in India. She was based at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centres, a specialist spinal hospital in New Delhi The bursary paid for her flights to India and her visa. "It was an amazing learning experience", says Kasha. "Not only did I complete my SSC2 research project, but I learnt a huge amount about myself and Indian culture."

Kasha's research from this trip has been accepted at the WADEM World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine in Toronto, which she willl be presenting at in April 2017.

British Society of Breast Radiologists Meeting: Best Poster PrizeSymposium

In November 2016, MB ChB student Sophie Greenhalgh was awarded the Best Poster Prize at the British Society of Breast Radiologists Scienctific Meeting for her poster 'The Use of Nomograms to Predict additional Lymph Node Metastasis After Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: Can They Reliably Identify Those Needing no Further Axillary Treatment?'.

Her work provided information on predicting which patients will be more likely to have a more severe spread of great cancer to the axilla, in order to identify those who may need to undergo surgical treatment.

Take a look at Sophie's poster here.

Ralph Ger Student Platform Presentation AwardAward

In July 2016, MB ChB student Sean Botham won the Ralph Ger Student Platform Presentation Award at the American Association of Clinical Anatomy conference in San Francisco, USA. Sean presented the project work he undertook with Professor Richard Tunstall, looking at age-related changes in inguinal region anatomy from 0-18 years.

The project started off as part of the SSC2 block and continued afterwards.

Royal College of General Practitioners SymposiumSymposium

Several WMS students presented on ‘SSC2 and Audit Projects’ at the RCGP Symposium 2016. The RCGP Best Poster prize was won by Aimee McCreedy, Sophie Walford & Shahab Hagollahi.

The WPC Best Student Oral Presentation Prize was won by Karina Bennett and Andrew Morris. The RCGP Donald Crombie GP Audit Prize was won by Alex Hammant.