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Student Support

You should know who to turn to for help.

In the first instance, you should approach your personal tutor, particularly if you have questions about your studies or your course. Even if your tutor does not know the answer to your question, they will help you to find it out. The Department's Senior Tutors support the personal tutors and are also available to see students on an individual basis (you can email them at any time).

If you have questions or worries about your general wellbeing, you can approach the University support services directly. Many of these operate by appointment.

If you are considering applying to withdraw, either temporarily or permanently, or restarting on another course, the formal process is via an application to Student Records (usually completion of a form). If you are considering making such an application, please discuss the issues with your personal tutor before you initiate the procedure. You should also discuss any financial implications with the Student Finance Office. If you withdraw after satisfying the progression requirements of either the first or second years, you may be eligible for one of two exit awards (CertHE or DipHE).

The Students' Union (SU) has an advice centre which offers support for students.

Support for Students with disabilities

Assessments or statements relating to a disability (this could come from outside professionals - counsellors, doctors, educational psychologists - or from the University's support services) should be registered with the University, who will then be able to recommend what special provision is needed. This is called "reasonable adjustment". The most common examples relate to special examination arrangements (note that the University has deadlines for students to register such examination needs). In more complex cases, a set of support measures will be agreed between the Department, Disability Services and the student. The document Reasonable Adjustments (PX), available from the rh menu, provides guidance on what normally happens following a recommendation from the University.