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Health and Safety - Hazards

The hazards listed in the table below are organised based on the QuEMIS hazard grid. The Health & Safety Services office can provide more information on hazard identification and the use of the QuEMIS hazard module.

An important source of health and safety information for each laboratory is the lab noticeboard, posted by the entrance. This contains the basic lab rules (including appropriate PPE to be worn), the principal hazards which are present and the name(s) of those having responsibility for the area. The noticeboard should be consulted for advice before entering the area.

Lab noticeboard templates can be downloaded under the header 'University Links' here.

Advice about the suitable PPE is available from the Health & Safety Officer or from the University Health & Safety Services office.

Hazards Requiring Health Monitoring

There are hazards where there is a requirement, in certain circumstances, to provide health surveillance to persons who are exposed to the hazard in their work. For further information refer to the University Occupational Health web pages

Chemical storage information
COSHH Assessments - Links to templates and guidance on how to undertake a chemical risk assessment.