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Astronomy Background Reading

Convenor: Simon Dye, Omar Almaini (Nottingham) Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay (Warwick)

Module Code: AS0

Module Name: Astronomy Background Reading

Duration: 2 hours per week, October-June

Start Date and Commitments

2 hours per week, October-June

Module Details

The aim of this module is to broaden general knowledge in astronomy & astrophysics, and is designed to complement the more focussed background reading that students will naturally undertake in their own specialist area of research. This is a student-centred module, based around a list of reading topics that are tailored to each research group. Please contact your local convenor for further details.

Students must summarize the material that they have learned in a log book, that must be reviewed and signed monthly by their supervisor. Students may maintain this log book as they see fit, but it should be sufficient to demonstrate that the required amount of time per week has been set aside to learn this material. It must be a hardback, bound volume; loose-leaf format will not be acceptable.


Assessment will be via an oral exam in the summer of the first year.