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Astrophysical Techniques

Conveners: Elizabeth Stanway, Peter Wheatley, Dan Bayliss, Matteo Brogi, Grant Kennedy, Joe Lyman (Warwick)

Module Code: AS2

Duration: 5 two hourly sessions

Start Date and Commitments

Start: 27/10/2021

Teams meetings will be scheduled and the links posted HERE.

Students should also attempt to join the Team associated with this course by clicking here. The meeting links should be accessible to those outside of Warwick as well as those inside. External students will need to be added to the team manually as guests (please email course coordinator Dr Elizabeth Stanway with your preferred email/live account detail). Any connection problems should also be reported to who will endeavour to find a solution. Session recordings will be made on a best-effort basis - lecturers are not obliged to replace failed or faulty recordings.

Timetable :

Week Date Time Session leader Topic
4 Wednesday 27th Oct 10am-12 Elizabeth Stanway Observational Astronomy
5 Wednesday 3rd Nov 10am-12 Matteo Brogi / Dan Bayliss Optical/IR Astronomy - photometry & spectroscopy
6 Wednesday 10th Nov 10am-12 Grant Kennedy Interferometry
7 Wednesday 17th Nov 10am-12 Peter Wheatley X-ray Astronomy
8 Wednesday 24th Nov 10am-12 Joseph Lyman Data Mining

Home work assignments (May be updated up to day of the session):

  • Assignment 1: questions related to lecture on observing. Deadline: Wed 3rd Nov end of. Related materials: seminar materialAstronomical seeingstellarium
  • Assignment 2: questions related to lecture on CCDs, photometry, and spectroscopy. Note: lecture slides are in the linked directory given in the assignment sheet. Deadline: Wed 10th Nov, end of. Please submit via an email to Matteo Brogi and Daniel Bayliss.
  • Assignment 3: questions related to lecture on interferometry. Related materials: slidesiPython notebookDeadline: Wed 17th Nov, end of.
  • Assignment 4: questions related to lecture on X-ray astronomy. Deadline: Wed 24th Nov, end of. Related materials: Lecture notes
  • Assignment 5: data mining exercise. Related materials: slidesgithub repo (follow link in readme to run notebook) Deadline: Wed 1st Dec, end of.