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Astrophysical Techniques

Conveners and Lecturers (Warwick): Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay, Thomas Wilson, Peter Wheatley, Paul Strøm, Grant Kennedy, Joe Lyman, Lauren Doyle, Marina Lafarga Magro, Sam Gill, Jakob Van den Eijnden, Kendall Ackley

Module Code: AS2

Duration: 5 two hourly sessions

Start Date and Commitments

Start: Monday 30 October 2023, noon-2pm

Teams meetings have be scheduled and all registered internal and external students have be added to the Teams where they can join live meetings. If you have registered but can not join the Teams group, please email course coordinator Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay If you haven't registered yet, please do so as soon as possible *and* email course coordinator to access live meetings. Any connection problems should also be reported to the course coordinator who will endeavour to find a solution. Session recordings will be made on a best-effort basis - lecturers are not obliged to replace failed or faulty recordings.

Troubleshooting: If you already have a Microsoft account and want to use it, open the Teams application, go to 1) Settings 2) Accounts 3) Current and write down the email address under your account. You will need to send us that exact email address if you want to join under that account.

Timetable (note the special time and location of the first lecture) :

Week Date Time Room Session leaders Topic
5 Monday
30 Oct
noon-2pm Millburn
Lauren Doyle / Tom Wilson Observational Astronomy (Lecture slidesLink opens in a new window, Teams recordingLink opens in a new window)
6 Wednesday
8 Nov
noon-2pm Millburn
Marina Lafarga Magro / Sam Gill Optical/IR Astronomy - photometry & spectroscopy (Teams recordingLink opens in a new window)
7 Wednesday
15 Nov
noon-2pm Millburn
Jakob Van den Eijnden Interferometry
8 Wednesday
22 Nov
noon-2pm Millburn
Peter Wheatley X-ray Astronomy
9 Wednesday
29 Nov
noon-2pm Millburn
Kendall Ackley Data Mining

Home work assignments (may be updated up to day of the session).
The deadline for all assignments is one week after lecture. A pass mark for 1 MPAGS credit will be awarded for a valid attempt on at least four of the five assignments.