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Introduction to Microscopy

Convenor: Richard Beanland (Warwick)

Module Code:

Module Name: Introduction to Microscopy

Duration: 10 lectures x 1 hour

Start Date and Commitments

Start: 02/11/2021
Time: 10:00am on Tuesdays

(Six lectures in term one at 10am on Tuesdays and four more in term two, also 10am Tuesdays, 11 Jan to 1 Feb)

Module Details

This module is aimed at those who wish to use (mainly electron) microscopes or have an interest in how they work and what kind of data can be obtained. There are many different techniques within the field and the focus will generally be on techniques and good experimental practice rather than theory and calculation.

The lecture content may be subject to change as we go along but is currently:

1.Introduction - magnification and resolution

2.Scanning electron microscopy

3.Microanalysis with X-rays

4.Scanning probe microscopy (Neil Wilson)

5.Focused ion beam microscopy

6.Scanning transmission electron microscopy

7.Electron diffraction I

8.Electron diffraction II and Transmission electron microscopy

9.High resolution electron microscopy

  1. Electron energy loss spectroscopy

Lecture notes and tests are available on the MPAGS Moodle page.