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Controlling Magnetic Anisotropy Using Isotropic Cation Substitution

Study reveals a novel form of symmetry breaking driven by chemical intervention: an anisotropic change in magnetic properties is induced by ionic substitution of an isotropic species.

Tue 13 Apr 2021, 12:38 | Tags: Research

More than 50 hadrons discovered at the LHC

Ever more new hadrons are being observed at the LHC, including several unexpected discoveries of tetraquark and pentaquark states.

Wed 03 Mar 2021, 14:21 | Tags: Research

Loschmidt echo singularities as dynamical signatures of strongly localized phases

Quantum localization (single-body or many-body) comes with the emergence of local conserved quantities called l-bits—whose conservation is precisely at the heart of the absence of transport through the system. And in the just published article New J. Phys. 23, 1 (2021),, two Warwick physicists and an international team show that these l-bits bear a dramatic universal signature, accessible to state-of-the-art quantum simulators, in the form of periodic cusp singularities in the Loschmidt echo following a quantum quench from a NĂ©el/charge-density-wave state.

Mon 22 Feb 2021, 11:18 | Tags: Research

Videos of the workshop "Theoretical and Mathematical Physic in Paris, Singapore and Warwick" now online

Video of Day 1, Video of Day 2

Theoretical and mathematical physicists at Cergy, Singapore and Warwick have many common research interests, for example mathematical and computational methods, artificial intelligence, quantum physics in all its manifestations, etc., and potential for future projects for collaboration. In order to communicate these better to each other, we met virtually for a 2-half-day workshop in July 2020 with selected presentations.

Researchers were free to present in-progress projects, talk about completed papers or give overview talks of their research interest. Similarly, PhD and MSc level students were encouraged to present their work, either as a talk or as a virtual poster.

Have a look at the vidoes to see if some of the work would be of interest to you and feel free to contact colleagues in Cergy, Singapore and of course also at Warwick.

Video of Day 1, Video of Day 2

Wed 21 Oct 2020, 22:44 | Tags: Research

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