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How to Book


We are currently working on other outreach activities that we can deliver in a safe way, and we will keep you updated here.

If you would like to arrange a visit from our outreach team, we would be happy to hear from you!

Please first ensure that you read through and can fulfill all of our requirements.

For a visit in Autumn/Spring/Summer term, we start taking bookings at the beginning of the preceding June/October/February respectively.

We’d like it if you could include the following details in your request, as knowing this information upfront can save us a lot of back-and-forth:

  1. School address
  2. Number of students
  3. Year group(s) of students
  4. Any dates that are best for you - please bear in mind that we fill our schedule on a first come, first served basis, and that our slots fill up fast, so we may not be able to offer you your ideal dates.
  5. Which shows you would like us to present for you.

Thanks to the generous support of the Physics department, we can offer these visits without charging schools or organisations.

When you have read through the above, please email us!

What will happen after I email?

Please bear in mind that you might not get a reply to your email straight away. Our planetarium is run by PhD students and Post Doctoral researchers in the Astronomy and Astrophysics research group of the University who give their time for free, but this is not their primary job – their priorities are study and research. Therefore we do not have the availability or, unfortunately, the speed of reply of a planetarium business. We think this makes our planetarium visits especially exciting for the children - they get to meet real life scientific researchers who study space for a living, but it unfortunately comes with the downside that they often spend long periods of time using telescopes up a mountain and are unavailable!

If we have space in our schedule, we will offer you a week in which we can bring the dome to you. If not, we will recommend when we will next have bookings open, and when to email again to inquire. We will keep you in mind if we have any cancellations (but this is rare!)

Then we’ll work out the fine details with you, including a full schedule for our visit.

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