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Anqi Wang

Pond Lily
Pond Lily



What got you interested in this area of science?

The project I am working on is to use bacteria to produce hydroxyapatite, the main components of bones, on titanium. The bacteria are what got me interested in the first place. They can produce hydroxyapatite using calcium ions and organic phosphate. What is really fascinating about this project is the possibility to use bacteria to recycle the organic phosphate contaminated water and to produce something useful.

How is the work you are currently doing relevant to everyday life?

Hydroxyapatite is naturally found in bones. Thus, it is very biocompatible. Hydroxyapatite coated titanium is widely used as implants, such as the hip replacement and some dental root implants. What I am working on may hit two birds in one stone: to recycle water as well as to produce hydroxyapatite coated titanium for potential medical use.

What does your research hope to achieve?

To give a thorough description of the coating formed on titanium substrates by bacteria.

What does the image show?

This image shows the plate-shaped hydroxyapatite produced by bacteria.


Anqi Wang