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Academic involvements and interests

Undergraduate Final Year Project Co-Supervisor  

Final year students studying phyiscs have to carry out a research project (usually in pairs) under the supervision of a member of staff and their postgraduate students.

The projects range from experimental to computational/theoretical topics and provide the students with a more thorough understanding of how research is conducted from start to finish, colminating in a report and viva after 20 weeks of research. 


I have helped supervise two sets of students, during my first and second years of PhD study, both looking into the superstructural units present in alkali borate glasses, primarily using 11B MAS NMR and Raman spectroscopy. The aim of these two projects is to be able to use Raman spectroscopy in further work to quantitatively measure the fraction of four-coordinated boron units.


Superstructural Units in (Sodium) Borate Glasses and Crystals (2004-2005)

Jason Fisk and David Cohen


Superstructural Units in (Lithium) Borate Glasses (2005-2006)

Nathan Barrow and Jane Douglas


Seminars and Committees 


Postgraduate Seminar Series

(Organiser June 2005 - June 2006) 

These informal seminars provide a non-threatening atmosphere for postgraduates and postdocs to practice public speaking. They are also an opportunity to find out what is going on in other groups within the physics department.

Seminars are on Thursday evenings in P564, starting at 5pm and finishing when the wine runs out! Normally there will be two speakers, each talking for about half an hour.


Posgraduate Staff and Student Liason Committee (PGSSLC) 

(Attendee 2003-2007) 

The physics postgraduate staff-student liaison committee (PGSSLC) exists to represent the views of postgraduates within the department and encourage a sense of community.


IOP Midlands Branch Lectures  

Lectures are held typically three times a term at the Physics Dept, in room PLT.