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Other Interests

Post-Graduate Staff Student Liaison Committee

 I have been involved in the PG-SSLC for the past two years and it has been an excellent way to meet the various postgraduates in the department.  During my time as a member of the committee I have held the positions of Social Secretary and Chair

Social Secretary 2004-2005

 During the first year of my PhD I held the position of social secretary.  I organised many social events for the postgraduates in the department including bowling trips, paint balling and meals out, as well as the second annual Postgrad-Postdoc party, designed to welcome new researchers to the department.

Chair 2005-2006 

During my second year, I took on the role of chair, organising the meetings and seeing to their smooth running.  During this year several important isses were discussed including the change of format of the second year assessments, the quality of IT provision in the department and the availability and quality of transferable skills training for PG students.  


Post-Graduate Seminars

The post graduate seminar series was set up by the PG-SSLC (in the far and distant past) as a way for PG students to practice presenting their work to their peers in an informal environment.  As well as this the seminars provide a chance for students from different research groups to socialise and share ideas.  I have presented two presentations in this forum, both detailing my results, and giving a general overview of my research.


CCLRC New Scientist Forum

As part of my CASE funding, I spend alot of time at ISIS and as such am a member of the recently created New Scientist forum. It's a group for students and people who graduated in the last two years and work at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  The group meets every month or two to have lunch, and then either has a tour of a department or some short talks about the researchers work.  I attend these meetings when I am at the facility, and have presented some of my work there.