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Time Allocation February -July 2011


Project Principal Investigator Proposal

Abil Aliev
University College London

Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Solids from Natural-Abundance Solid-State 2H NMR Spectroscopy


Oleg N. Antzutkin
University of Warwick

Exploring Secondary Structures in Amyloid Fibrils of Alzheimer’s Aβ fragments and in Toxic Amyloid Aggregates, (ToxAmAgg) of Aβ(1-40) via 15N{17O} REAPDOR NMR (CONTINUATION PROJECT)


Sharon Ashbrook
University of St Andrews

High-Field 45Sc Solid-State NMR for the Study of Sc-Based FrameworkMaterials


Boyan Bonev
University of Nottingham

Structural analysis of mersacidin/lipid II complexes in lipid membranes


Boyan Bonev
University of Nottingham

Fast MAS 1H spectroscopy of 1H-diluted systems: subtilin/target recognition


Steven P. Brown
University of Warwick

Optimisation and application of 14N-1H MAS NMR correlation experiments


Clare P. Grey
University of Cambridge

89Y High Field Solid State NMR Studies of Structural Defects in Y-doped Perovskites


Clare P. Grey
University of Cambridge

1H Solid State NMR Studies of Protonic Conductors at Very High Field


Melinda J Duer 
University of Cambridge

17O NMR of bone and biomimetic materials


John Hanna
University of Warwick

65Cu Static, Ultra-Fast MAS and DOR Studies of Copper Thiocyanate-Based Materials Employed in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (IR) Absorber Devices
1210021 K.D.M. Harris
Cardiff University

In-Situ NMR Crystallization Studies of Polymorphism of Aminobenzoic Acids

1210022 Paul Hodgkinson
Durham University

New paradigms for the NMR of organic solids


Diane Holland
University of Warwick

Superstructural units in borate crystals and glasses


Natalia Karpukhina
Queen Mary University of London

Characterisation of strontium and magnesium substituted fluorapatite


Russell Morris
University of St Andrews

High-Field 17O Solid-State NMR of Ionothermally-Prepared Zeolites


Mark Smith
University of Warwick

87Sr and 43Ca and solid state NMR of hybrid biomaterials

1210028 Jeremy Titman
University of Nottingham

NMR Studies of the Hydrogen Storage System LiBH4 + MgH2

1210029 Jeremy Titman
University of Nottingham

New Methods for Measuring Proton CSAs at High Field: Studies of Hydrogen Bonding


Richard I Walton
University of Warwick

The Structures of Uncharacterised Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3) Polymorphs


Anthony Watts
University of Oxford

NMR on 7-­helix trans-­membrane proteins using ultra-­fast spinning

1210032 Philip Williamson
University of Southampton

Understanding the role of SAP in the stabilization of amyloid deposits.


Stephen Wimperis
University of Glasgow

Probing Hydrogen-Oxygen Connectivities in Deep-Earth Hydrous Silicates