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Dr Monica Ciomaga Hatnean

I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Superconductivity and Magnetism Group.


I initially joined the research group as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow. From January 2013 until May 2018, I have worked jointly with Prof. Geetha Balakrishnan, Prof. Don McK. Paul, Dr. Martin R. Lees and Dr. Oleg A. Petrenko on several research projects.

I have previously completed a PhD in Chemistry at Paris-Sud University, Orsay, France in December 2012, under the joint supervision of Prof. Loreynne Pinsard-Gaudart and Dr. Sylvain Petit. I worked on the "Synthesis and study of the Ga2-xFexO3 compounds" at LPCES-ICMMO, Orsay and LLB, CEA-Saclay.

Overview of my work

My current project involves the crystal growth and study of single crystals of various compounds (oxides, borides, chalcogenides and intermetallic magnetic and superconducting materials). The materials that I am studying range from multiferroics and frustrated magnets to a variety of newly discovered exotic states of matter (Topological Insulators, Skyrmion lattices).

The investigation of the physics of all the materials that I produce at Warwick requires a range of techniques, including in house magnetic, thermodynamic and transport measurements, as well as the use of central facilities using X-ray diffraction, neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy techniques.


This academic year, 2018-2019, I will be running the Microprocessors Laboratory - details are available on the PX271 webpage.

Publication Highlights

A full list of my publications can be accessed here.

  • "Evidence for dynamic kagome ice"

E. Lhotel, S. Petit, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, J. Ollivier, H. Mutka, E. Ressouche, M. R. Lees, and G. Balakrishnan.

Nature Communications 9, 3786 (2018).

  • "Experimental signatures of emergent quantum electrodynamics in Pr2Hf2O7".

R. Sibille, N. Gauthier, H. Yan, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, J. Ollivier, B. Winn, U. Filges, G. Balakrishnan, M. Kenzelmann, N. Shannon, and T. Fennell.

Nature Physics 14, 711–715 (2018).

  • "New route to a Fermi surface in the absence of a Fermi liquid: a Kondo insulator near the insulator-metal transition".

M. Hartstein, W. H. Toews, Y.-T. Hsu, B. Zeng, X. Chen, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, Q. R. Zhang, S. Nakamura, A. S. Padgett, G. Rodway-Gant, J. Berk, M. K. Kingston, G. H. Zhang, M. K. Chan, S. Yamashita, T. Sakakibara, Y. Takano, J.-H. Park, L. Balicas, N. Harrison, N. Shitsevalova, G. Balakrishnan, G. G. Lonzarich, R. W. Hill, M. Sutherland, and S. E. Sebastian.

Nature Physics 14, 166 (2018).

  • "Disorder and Quantum spin ice".

N. Martin, P. Bonville, E. Lhotel, J. Robert, S. Guitteny, A. Wildes, C. Decorse, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan, I. Mirebeau, and S. Petit.

Physical Review X 7, 041028 (2017).

  • "Signatures of the Kondo effect in VSe2".

S. Barua, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, M. R. Lees, and G. Balakrishnan.

Scientific Reports 7, 10964 (2017).

  • "Coulomb spin liquid in anion-disordered pyrochlore Tb2Hf2O7".

R. Sibille, E. Lhotel, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, G. Nilsen, G. Ehlers, A. Cervellino, E. Ressouche, M. Frontzek, O. Zaharko, V. Pomjakushin, H. C. Walker, D. Adroja, H. Luetkens, C. Baines, A. Amato, G. Balakrishnan, T. Fennell, and M. Kenzelmann.

Nature Communications 8, 894 (2017).

  • "Single crystal growth, structure and magnetic properties of Pr2Hf2O7 pyrochlore".

M. Ciomaga Hatnean, R. Sibille, M. R. Lees, M. Kenzelmann, V. Ban, V. Pomjakushin, and G. Balakrishnan.

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29, 075902 (2016).

  • "Observation of magnetic fragmentation in spin ice".

S. Petit, E. Lhotel, B. Canals, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, J. Ollivier, H. Mutka, E. Ressouche, A. R. Wildes, M. R. Lees, and G. Balakrishnan.

Nature Physics 12, 746-750 (2016).

  • "Fluctuations and all-in--all-out ordering in dipole-octopole Nd2Zr2O7".

E. Lhotel, S. Petit, S. Guitteny, O. Florea, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, C. Colin, E. Ressouche, M. R. Lees, and G. Balakrishnan.

Physical Review Letters 115, 197202 (2015).

  • "Unconventional Fermi surface in an insulating state".

B. S. Tan, Y.-T. Hsu, B. Zeng, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, N. Harrison, Z. Zhu, M. Hartstein, M. Kiourlappou, A. Srivastava, M. D. Johannes, T. P. Murphy, J.-H. Park, L. Balicas, G. G. Lon- zarich, G. Balakrishnan, and S. E. Sebastian.

Science 349, 287-290 (2015).

  • "Growth of single-crystals of rare-earth zirconate pyrochlores, Ln2Zr2O7 (with Ln=La, Nd, Sm, and Gd) by the floating zone technique".

M. Ciomaga Hatnean, M. R. Lees, and G. Balakrishnan.

Journal of Crystal Growth 418, 1 (2015).

  • "Structural and magnetic investigations of single-crystalline neodymium zirconate pyrochlore Nd2Zr2O7".

M. Ciomaga Hatnean, M. R. Lees, O. A. Petrenko, D. S. Keeble, G. Balakrishnan, M. J. Gutmann, V. V. Klekovkina, and B. Z. Malkin.

Physical Review B 91, 174416 (2015).

  • "Large high quality single crystals of the new Topological Kondo Insulator, SmB6".

M. Ciomaga Hatnean, M. R. Lees, D. McK. Paul, and G. Balakrishnan.

Scientific Reports 3, 3071 (2013).


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A full list of my publications can be accessed here.

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