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Dr. Claire Hurley

Diamond Science & Technology Centre for Doctoral Training

Diamond is a material of such diverse application, who knows what it is capable of achieving?
Who knows? You know.

The Diamond Science & Technology Centre for Doctoral Training (DST CDT) is a gateway to the best in the UK's diamond research. You could deepen your understanding of diamond's properties, and apply your knowledge of physics, engineering, chemistry, life sciences or materials. You could uncover new ways to utilise this material's unique structure. You could be at the international forefront of efforts to transform society through aerospace, or telecommunications, or electronics, or manufacturing….

Diamond Science and Technology PhD Opportunities

Warwick Laser Machining

Our laser machining facility consists of two Oxford Lasers systems: the E-Series (34 ns, 355 nm Nd:YAG) and the A-Series (15 ns, 532 nm Nd:YAG), both fitted with high-resolution CNC stages. These systems are capable of drilling, cutting and milling a wide variety of materials with high precision. Macro/micrometer scale features can be machined in metals, plastics, composites, wafers, diamond.

Diamond Science & Technology Outreach

DST Outreach

Diamonds are for Sensing…

Science Lates: the next big thing, Science Museum, 24th June 2015

Diamond: more than just a gemstone

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, The Royal Society, 4th - 10th July 2016

Diamonds are for Everything

Public Lecture, University of Warwick, 10th July 2017.

Inside a Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

"Small is beautiful-nanotechnology in pictures", Blog by Rachael Stubbins.

Dr. Claire Hurley

Contact Details:

Office: P542
Tel: +44 (0)24 7652 4603
E-Mail: c dot r dot hurley at warwick dot ac dot uk

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