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Fusion 360 Tutorials

Fusion 360 tutorials

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful, professional CAD package. Free download is available to students, educators and start-ups/enthusiasts. Read more at about the student/education download and for more general information on free download.

Note that since these tutorials were produced, a new version of Fusion 360 has been released. The main difference with the interface of the new version is how one accesses the Sketch tools. Read a short summary of this change.

The tutorials are listed in order of complexity, so it is best to start with the first four or five to build skills.

For further information about the tutorials, contact

These tutorials were developed by Diane Burton with the help of Becky Crabbe, a University of Warwick Engineering Undergraduate working on a summer internship with Diane. Later content has been added by Phil Jemmett.