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Tuition Fee Deposits

Tuition fee deposits

As an offer holder on a WMG Masters course at the University of Warwick, you will be required to pay a tuition fee deposit in order to secure your place.

  • Your deposit confirms your commitment to take up your place with us.
  • Please ensure you pay your deposit by the date requested in your offer letter. This will be 1st April for most candidates. Candidates receiving their offer from early March (if places are still available), will be required to pay the deposit within one month of receiving their offer.
  • Given the high level of interest in WMG courses and the limited number of places available, we cannot guarantee your place if your deposit is not paid by the date requested.
  • Please do not wait to clear your conditions. Your deposit can be paid on a 'conditional offer'. If you are then not able to meet your academic conditions, you may request a deposit refund.
  • The deposit will be retained by the University and will contribute towards your tuition fee when you take-up your place on the course.
Accepting your offer
  • You need to accept your offer as per the instructions in your offer letter. This is separate to paying your deposit, and confirms that you understand and agree with the University Terms and Conditions. Please refer to your offer letter for how to accept your offer.
Deposit amount
  • Home fee payers are required to pay a deposit of £750.
  • Overseas fee payers are required to pay a deposit of £1500. This will be reflected on your CAS
Making your payment
Exemptions for sponsored students
  • Sponsored students do not need to pay a deposit but should provide proof of sponsorship via this deposit exemption form.
  • If your funding has not yet been confirmed, please complete the same form with details of the funding you have applied for and we will grant a provisional waiver until your funding results are confirmed.

NB. This does not include University scholarships such as the WMG Excellence Scholarship - it applies only to third-party funding bodies.

Refund policy

Tuition fee deposits will only be refunded if you fail to take-up your place for the following reasons:

  • You require a Student Route visa and have had your visa application refused or rejected. You will be asked to provide evidence to show the refusal/rejection.
  • You fail to meet the academic terms of your offer (final grade achieved and/or English language). You will be asked to provide evidence to show that you have made every effort to meet your conditions, including submitting a recent English language test taken since paying your deposit.
  • There are exceptional circumstances beyond your control. If you feel this may apply to you, your request should be made to and will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • All refunds should be requested before the start of term. For 2022 entry that will be 3rd October 2022. Requests made after the start of term can not be considered.
  • Refunds will be processed through the online transaction system through which you pay your deposit. Please note that if you pay through bank transfer or other means directly to the Student Finance Office this will cause significant delays should a refund be required.