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Tuition fees for 2019 entry are:
  • £25,870 - Overseas Fee Payers
  • £14,115 - Home Fee Payers (EU and UK students)
Please note: If your country of birth, domicile or your nationality are 'overseas' you will automatically be classified as an 'overseas' fee payer. If you believe you should be classified as a 'home' fee payer, you should complete the Fee Status Questionaire, and it will be reassessed.

You are not required to pay tuition fees in advance, however, if you would like to make a payment you can do so and it will be credited to your university account.

Should you require an invoice for your tuition fees, you may download one from your My.Warwick account, after you have enrolled online. If you prefer to make payments before online enrolment opens, you can take your offer letter to the bank to demonstrate what the money is being used for if required. Because of the way our admissions system works, invoices cannot be produced before online enrolment. Likewise, we cannot give payment receipts to overseas students as those payments will be credited to the CAS. Please see the visa advice section for more information on CAS.

Tuition fees can either be paid in full on the first day of term - 30 September 2019, or can be paid in three instalments. The standard instalment plan is 50% at the start of the academic year, then 25% at the start of term 2 and 25% again at the start of term 3.

All fees must be paid in Pounds Sterling. Note that the instalment payment dates are different depending on whether you set up a Direct Debit mandate or not; see the instalment date link for more information.

If you choose to set up a Direct Debit, you will need to set-up a UK bank account. We have two banks on campus: Santander and Barclays. Your bank account can be opened on arrival after you have registered and received your 'student status letter'. You will be given guidance on this when you arrive at Warwick as you cannot open an account in the UK in advance.