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Once you are fully enrolled and have started your course, you will be accessing WMG's student intranet which is full of information. In the meantime, you we hope you find the information below helpful:

Term Dates

The MSc course is one full year (October 2020 - September 2021).

The 20/21 academic year begins on Monday 5th October 2020. Postgraduate study does not follow the usual University term dates; you are expected to be available to attend taught sessions throughout the year, and be based at Warwick from January 2021.

The only exceptions are the following dates when the University is closed:

  • Wednesday 23rd December 2020- Monday 4th January 2021 inclusive
  • Friday 2nd April - Monday 5th April 2021 inclusive

WMG Induction

The WMG Induction commences on Monday 5th October at 9.15am UK BST (British Summer Time) with a welcome event via MS Teams. You will get to meet some key staff and ask questions. There are a number of activities that you can take part in for the rest of the week whether you are on campus or joining in online. Activities include meeting your Course Leader and peers, Student Experience sessions, careers and skills workshops, campus tours, escape room activities and more! There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, including ata number of Q&A panel sessions. You will also be introduced to the SPA module (Study, Professional and Analytics). To complement the online and socially distanced face to face activities, there will be an Induction Moodle* which has a lot of important and really useful information. (*Moodle is Warwick's Virtual Learning Environment)

Timetable/ Modules

Once you are fully enrolled and have completed induction, your personal module schedule will be published via WMG's schedule system. This will give your module dates for term 1 only. Please note that for some courses the module(s) you will be booked on may depend on whether you are studying remotely during term 1, or are present at Warwick, so if you have not already done so please let us know your expected arrival date here: Arrivals form

Once you are booked onto a module, you will automatically be enrolled on that module in Moodle (Warwick's Virtual Learning Environment). This will include a detailed session timetable for the module week(s). You will also be added to an MS Team, within which any online elements will be delivered.

Later on in term 1 we will confirm your module schedule for the remainder of the year, and there will be an opportunity to book your elective modules (where applicable).

If you have already enrolled you will be able to view further information about modules on the Student webpages: A guide to the module(s) expected to run in term 1 for each course is also available here.

Key Contacts

During induction week, you will get an opportunity to meet your Course Leader who is responsible for your specific MSc course. You will also be allocated a Personal Tutor in the first few weeks of term. Your Personal Tutor will be an academic member of staff at WMG and will help you to settle into the University and try to answer any questions you may have about the department, and the course. Other key staff you will come into contact with during your year are your module tutors, project supervisor, administrative staff and course management.

Once you have enrolled you will be able to view further information about WMG staff here:

Useful Links

SPA (Study, Professional, and Analytical Skills)

SPA (Study, Professional, and Analytical Skills) is a module delivered on a weekly basis during Term 1 to set you up for academic and professional success, and continues throughout the remainder of the year in support of the dissertation. SPA provides a variety of opportunities to learn about topics including critical thinking, academic writing, literature reviews, data analysis, and working in teams. Engage with SPA on Moodle and MS Teams to meet your classmates, develop your skills, and reach your potential.