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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Course Aims

To support the development of personnel with the right combination of innovation thinking, technical skills and entrepreneurial drive.

The exploitation of innovation, applied to technology and business knowledge to increase the chances of success for new product or service-based businesses.

Increase the level of Entrepreneurial activity enabled by WMG and Warwick University

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the processes and tools used for: Business Proposal Creation; Business Proposal Assessment; Business Proposal implementation
  • Knowledge of the management and operational requirements of small or start-up businesses
  • Knowledge of the role of technical and business information to improve internal and external company operations
  • Knowledge of the local and international environment in which small businesses operate and its strategic implications
  • A critical awareness of business start-up issues some of which are at the forefront of current business practice
  • A comprehensive understanding of and competence in the use of appropriate analytical tools and techniques
  • An ability to apply relevant techniques appropriately and understand how their results may be used to inform judgements and develop and advance ideas and/or practice.
  • Evidence of originality in the application of knowledge and critical awareness is expected analysis and evaluation of complex technical and business information

Module Requirements for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Candidates for the MSc will be required to take 180 credits overall to include modules equivalent to at least 20 credits from the Core list, and at least 50 credits from the Required list, as well as a dissertation project.

Candidates for the Postgraduate Diploma will be required to take at least 60 module credits, of which 20 must be from the Core list, as well as a dissertation project considered by an Exam Board to be a pass at Postgraduate Diploma level.

Candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate will be required to pass 60 credits, of which 20 must be from the Core list.

Candidates for the Postgraduate Award will be required to pass 30 credits, of which 20 must be from the Core list.

Definition of terms:

  • Core: students must pass the module (50% or above)
  • Optional core: students must take the stated proportion of modules from this list and must achieve a pass (50% or above).
  • Required: students must achieve mark of 40% or above on the module
  • Defined Elective: students must take the stated proportion of modules from this limited list
  • Optional (elective) modules: students may take any remaining credits from this list after satisfying the list requirements outlined above
  • Students are still required to achieve the stated amount of passed credits and credits failed in the 40s for award as per General PGT Regulations page

Course regulations are written as the basis on which awards can be made. They are not written to make any guarantee of which optional modules may be available in any location in a specific academic year.