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Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Degree Apprenticeship)

Course Aims
  1. To provide a development pathway for strategic technical leaders who have organisational senior management responsibility in an engineering, scientific or technology-based business.
  2. To provide a thorough knowledge and understanding of appropriate managerial and leadership skills in an engineering, scientific or technology-based business.
  3. To support the development of strategic leaders across all engineering, scientific or technology-based sectors.
  4. To enable participants to develop general critical thinking skills in the analysis and implementation of business and leadership solutions.
Course Learning Outcomes
  • Conduct Market Analysis and create Business Winning process, product and service proposals.
  • Locate and enlist suitable suppliers, constructing productive and motivating contracts.
  • Apply the concepts of Systems Integration, and Concurrent Business Design to the Design and Development of Processes, Products and Services.
  • Comprehend the implications and benefits of regarding a set of companies as an extended enterprise, and hence the need for mutually beneficial arrangements, sharing data through Inter- Enterprise Resource Planning and control.
  • Evaluate, manage and improve, Service, Operational and Supply Chain pro-cesses.
  • Evaluate and manage appropriate enabling technologies, including information and communication technologies and relevant physical technologies, such as materials handling, transport and storage.
  • Apply an underpinning knowledge of strategy development, innovation, de-sign, operation and performance management.
Module Requirements for the MSc in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Degree Apprenticeship Route only)

Candidates for the MSc will be required to take 180 credits, including 75 credits from the Required list and 45 credits from the Optional list, as well as a dissertation project.

Candidates for the Postgraduate Diploma will be required to take 75 credits from the Required list and 45 credits from the Optional list.

Candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate will be required to pass 60 credits from the Required list, including Supply Chain and Operations Management.


Definition of terms:

  • Core: students must pass the module (50% or above)
  • Optional core: students must take the stated proportion of modules from this list and must achieve a pass (50% or above).
  • Required: students must achieve mark of 40% or above on the module
  • Defined Elective: students must take the stated proportion of modules from this limited list
  • Optional (elective) modules: students may take any remaining credits from this list after satisfying the list requirements outlined above
  • Students are still required to achieve the stated amount of passed credits and credits failed in the 40s for award as per General PGT Regulations page

Course regulations are written as the basis on which awards can be made. They are not written to make any guarantee of which optional modules may be available in any location in a specific academic year. 

21/22: Supply Chain and Logistics Management – Part Time Programme (Degree Apprenticeship Route only)


Module Code

Module Name




MSc Dissertation




Personal Leadership and Influencing Change



Financial Analysis and Control Systems



People in Organisations



Intelligent Organisations at Work



Supply Chain and Operations Management (essential to PgCert as well as PgDip and MSc)



Select 3 x 15 credit modules from WMG’s portfolio of modules offered on the part time programmes. Subject to availability, prerequisites and suitability as indicated:


Students may apply to the Programme Management for exemptions from specific modules, and, if granted, must select an alternative appropriate elective module to comply with the module requirements for the course. Modules listed under other WMG modular master’s degree regulations may be available to candidates for these awards as a replacement for those listed above, subject to approval by the Director of Studies.