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Changing your Qualification Aim

If you decide you will be unable to complete your project and coursework within your registration period, for valid (usually personal) reasons, you should discuss your situation with the Programme Manager in the first instance. If appropriate, it may be possible to transfer your registration to that of Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Award (for which no project is required). If the Board of Examiners then recommends this award, you may have to option of re-applying at a later date (usually within 2 years) to return to complete the MSc and carry forward credits completed in a 5-year window prior to your return.

The Board of Examiners may award the Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Award to candidates who do not complete the MSc. However if you are registered for a higher qualification at that time, you may NOT return with credit to complete the MSc.