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Project Guidelines

The project work associated with the WMG's MSc programmes consists of an individual project which comprises 50% of the assessed marks for the M.Sc. Programmes. Students are expected to devote an appropriate portion of their time and intellectual effort to the project during the course i.e. A TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME EQUIVALENT TO 6 MONTHS FULL TIME STUDY (approximately 900 hours). You cannot be awarded a Masters Degree unless you have been allocated a project and successfully completed it. Projects are allocated by the Projects Manager as described in the handbook issued at Induction and in the Project Selection section of this part of the web-site.

The individual project is an industrially orientated project for which a final report is submitted in the form of a dissertation. For a taught M.Sc. course a dissertation is defined in the University Regulations as follows:

"A dissertation submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Masters degree shall constitute an ordered critical and reasoned exposition of knowledge in an approved field and shall afford evidence of knowledge of the relevant literature, and be submitted in accordance with the appropriate course regulations".

For the Warwick Manufacturing Group MSc programmes, the dissertation is expected to be a comprehensive dissertation embracing technical, economic and human aspects of engineering industry and their interaction. The topic of your research must be relevant to the degree for which you are registered.


Where difficulties are encountered with your project you should always approach your Project Supervisor first for advice and guidance in addition to your regular progress reporting.

Your Project Supervisor is also encouraged to take an interest in all your activities whilst registered for the MSc course. Should you encounter any problems, be they course related or personal, please discuss them with your Supervisor or your Personal Tutor and if necessary with the FTMSc Projects Manager or the Programme Manager (Dr Ahmet Er).


Documents that you need for your project can be found on the Forms page of the Essential Information section of the web-site.