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Top Tips

Welcome to the Department of Economics. Starting University can be a daunting experience and we know there’s lots to learn during your first few weeks. Here’s some of our top tips to get you started: 

Check your Warwick email: 

  • All students have a Warwick email address and we will only communicate with you through a Warwick email. Log in to your university email daily to make sure you don’t miss out on important communication from the Department and your tutors.  

Check the induction webpages and make use of the Learning to Learn resources: 

Adjusting to University can be a challenge so we have developed resources to help with this transition. Please work through these: 


Where to go for information: 

  • Your student handbook contains all the essential information about your course. 
  • There are a series of FAQ's that will help answer many of your questions. 
  • The undergraduate team (S0.88) are a useful first point of call for any queries. 
  • Your lecturers, class tutors and personal tutors hold regular office hours.  
  • Your student mentor can offer tips and guidance. 

Know your IT systems: 

Familiarise yourself with the University IT systems: 

  • Tabula -. You can check your timetable, upcoming monitoring points and assignments, personal tutor and declare mitigation using the Tabula online system.  
  • Moodle - Regularly check Moodle for access to lecture notes, lecture capture, pre-recorded videos and announcements from your tutor. 
  • eMR/eVision -This system can be used to register for your optional modules at the start of term. You can also download a Student Status letter. 
  • MyWarwick app - Download and explore the MyWarwick app so you will receive alerts if we need to contact you urgently regarding your study. 
  • Talis Aspire online reading list with links to e resources. 


Register for modules: 

When registering for your modules, please ensure you have completed the steps below: 

  • Have you checked the UG handbook to ensure that the optional modules you wish to take are within your degree regulations?  
  • Have you checked you have the relevant pre-requisitesLink opens in a new window for the modules you select? 
  • Have you carefully selected your optional modules and registered via eMR? 


Manage your workload and plan ahead: 

  • Check your Tabula timetable in advance so you know what classes and lectures you have scheduled. 
  • Identify when your assessments are due for the term and plan accordingly, Tabula provides a useful deadline counter to help you keep track. 
  • Avoid falling behind as this can be a downward spiral of non-attendance.  


Academic Support: 

Sometimes you need additional support while at University and the Department has a well-developed academic and pastoral support system: 

  • Personal tutor: you will find your personal tutor on Tabula, they can provide support on academic and personal matters. Please make sure you attend a meeting with them early in term 1.


University is about more than your academic studies and it is important to develop your CV in terms of a range of activities: 

  • Work on the Personal Development Module (PDM) 


Get involved: Student Voice 


Check list: 

Have you: 

  • Registered with the Department-Please make sure you have scanned your card at one of the lectures during Welcome week or have visited the UG office to register. 
  • Selected your optional modules by Monday 17th October 2022 
  • Read your timetable and understood where you have to be for your lectures and classes. 
  • Signed up for a seminar group (sign up will open in week 2). 
  • Started looking at PDM early 
  • Completed your Warwick values courseLink opens in a new window 

The Central Welcome team also have a helpful guide on supporting students with the transition to University here.