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PhD Job Market Candidates 2017/18

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PhD Job Market Candidates 2017/18

Each year, the Department of Economics presents its PhD students who are entering the Job Market. Learn more about their research, skills and job market paper.

You can also contact the placement officer, for further information about the PhD Job Market.

Placement Officer

Prof. Dan Bernhardt

Room S2.89
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7652 3470
Email: M dot D dot Bernhardt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Administrative Support

Natalie Deven

Room S0.90
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7657 3452
Email: N dot S dot Deven at warwick dot ac dot uk

PhD Candidates

Anik Ashraf

Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia

Juan Castro Fernandez

Conrado Cuevas Lopez

Darina Dintcheva

Wentao Fu

Gonzalo Gaete

Matteo Gamalerio

Paula Lopez-Pena

Nicolás Navarrete

Guillem Ordóñez

Diego Solorzano Rueda

Zizhong Yan

  • Fields: Main research interests: Econometrics, Bayesian econometrics, and economics of education. Particularly interests: 1) Estimating treatment effects using both frequentist and Bayesian approach, 2) Bayesian approach to the missing data problem, and 3) The econometric modelling for topics surrounding the economics of education
  • Supervisors: Prof. Sascha O. Becker, Dr. Mingli Chen, Prof. Michael K. Pitt
  • Curriculum Vitae: CV
  • Job Market Paper: Estimating Average Treatment Effects in Evaluation Studies: A Bayesian Prospect
  • Visit website

Vaclav Zdarek

  • Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics, International Economics. Secondary: Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Household Finance, Applied Econometrics.
  • Supervisors: Thijs van Rens and Marcus Miller
  • Curriculum Vitae: CV
  • Job Market Paper: Are Institutional Footprints Visible on Fiscal Policy?
  • Visit website

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