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In defence of bad spelling

English spelling is tricky to master. But the ancient hangovers, irregularities and frustrating rules of English spelling are what enables its continuity and a connection with billions of people across the globe argues Dr Christopher Strelluf, an expert in linguistics from the University of Warwick.

Tue 15 Sep 2020, 12:04 | Tags: Politics & Society History Linguistics

They think it's all over: Has recent government messaging given people reason to let loose?

The UK is far from free of the Corona virus. So why are some people taking the risk of COVID-19 less seriously now? Dr Kieran File from the University of Warwick's Department of Linguistics thinks some government messaging could be lulling us into a false sense of security.

Those who laugh are in control: finding humour in lockdown

Dr Stephanie Schnurr, from the Centre for Applied Linguistics explains why humour is a powerful tool that can help us feel less worried, less alone, and more in control.

The Johanna Konta interview and the problems with viewing sports stars as public figures

Athletes are public figures but are they accountable to the public? Should journalists grill them? Dr Kieran File from Applied Linguistics exams the tension at the Wimbledon press conference.

Thu 11 Jul 2019, 16:48 | Tags: Politics & Society Film & TV Linguistics

Why you probably already speak some Cockney

There's an underground campaign running to establish 3 of March as Speak Cockney Day. Dr Chris Strelluf from the Department of Applied Linguistics looks at some of the key characteristics of the Cockey accent and shows how many of us already adopt some of its traits.

Fri 01 Mar 2019, 15:03 | Tags: Politics & Society Politics Sociology Linguistics

Talkin’ Like a Pirate? It be a linguistic treasure trove

The ideas we have about Pirate Talk have much more to do with facts about language than facts about pirates. So, pretending that pirates really existed in the Treasure Island sense, here are four rules to follow when talking like a pirate, and the linguistic facts behind those rules.

Tue 18 Sep 2018, 13:53 | Tags: Arts & Culture Politics & Society Film & TV Linguistics

Why women in politics may not escape gender stereotypes anytime soon

Women are judged on the ‘type’ of woman they are and it turns out this can be generally boiled down to three – butch, a bitch, or a mummy. If these stereotypes aren’t going anywhere, how can women in leadership positions get the job done?

Thu 30 Mar 2017, 14:30 | Tags: Politics & Society Politics Linguistics