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Press Releases

D-Day: The King Who Fooled Hitler

Research by Professor Richard Aldrich of Warwick’s Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) played a central part in a new Channel 4 documentary, broadcast this weekend, exploring how British intelligence enlisted the Royal Family as part of its scheme to mislead the Nazis about plans for the liberation of Europe.

Plan to oust Hitler reached Churchill thanks to Warwickshire businessman

Once secret documents held at the University of Warwick’s Modern Records Centre have shed new light on German plans to bring down Hitler, thanks to the correspondence between a Warwickshire industrialist and a top-ranking German official.

Thu 18 Oct 2018, 16:36 | Tags: Modern Records Centre, Coventry, Warwickshire, Rugby

TUC General Secretary discusses Europe, worker's rights and the importance of history

As General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Frances O’Grady works to represent the 6.2 million members who belong to affiliated unions in England and Wales.

In this exclusive interview, recorded shortly after receiving an Honorary Docotrate of Laws by the University if Warwick, Frances discusses he she became involved with the trade union movement, the challenges currently facing trade unionists and what the TUC wants to see out of a renegotiation with the European Union.