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World-class centre for single crystal electron diffraction will be UK first

New electron diffraction equipment will revolutionise how we understand crystal structures.

Warwick University to host UK’s most powerful Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instrument

A consortium led by the University of Warwick has been awarded £17M to procure the UK’s most powerful Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrument at 1.2 GHz. There are only seven such machines currently operating around the world.

Scientists develop a new non-opioid pain killer with fewer side effects

Scientists have found a promising new compound, benzyloxy-cyclopentyladenosine (BnOCPA), which has been shown to be a potent and selective pain killer in test model systems . BnOCPA is also selective in its action, and non-addictive, opening up the potential for the development of potent analgesics without side effects.

Wed 20 Jul 2022, 06:15 | Tags: research, Life Sciences, drugs

Pint of Science returns bringing Warwick scientists out of the lab and into your living room

The public science festival, Pint of Science, kicks off next week with experts from the University of Warwick talking about their research live in your living room.

Warwick scientists design model to predict cellular drug targets against Covid-19

A computational model of a human lung cell has been used to understand how SARS-CoV-2 draws on human host cell metabolism to reproduce by researchers at the University of Warwick. This study helps understand how the virus uses the host to survive, and enable drug predictions for treating the virus to be made.

Wed 25 Nov 2020, 10:04 | Tags: School of Life Sciences, drugs, COVID-19, Sciences

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