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University of Warwick's ‘School Tasking’ Project enhances legal understanding for legally accountable 10-year-olds – research finds

Research on the 'School Tasking' widening participation project, suggests that children’s pre-existing understanding of the law may be based on media depictions, from what a lawyer looks like, complete with gowns, gavels and briefcases – to what crime looks like, including Americanised imagery from crime-based television shows and weaponry from violent computer games.

Fri 15 Dec 2023, 16:38 | Tags: School Tasking, widening participation, Law

The Marsh Observatory to train astronomers of the future

The University of Warwick has opened its doors to its brand-new Marsh Observatory – which will train astronomers of the future. The on-campus telescope facility was opened by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered the first radio pulsars in 1967 and one of a handful of women to have been awarded prestigious Royal Astronomical Society gold medal.

Fri 01 Dec 2023, 11:15 | Tags: Physics, widening participation, Sciences

The University of Warwick to award Taskmaster’s Alex Horne with honorary doctorate for pioneering widening participation initiative

The University of Warwick will award Alex Horne, the celebrated comedian, writer, and creator of the hit television show "Taskmaster," with an Honorary Doctorate next year in recognition of his efforts and commitment to fostering inclusive education. This is as a result of his instrumental support in growing the "School Tasking" initiative.


The University of Warwick is in the running for University of the Year in the UK Social Mobility Awards

The University of Warwick has been nominated for University of the Year by the UK Social Mobility Awards, 2023. Social mobility refers to a change in a person’s socio-economic situation, linked to equality of opportunity. Warwick’s commitment to widening participation has been recognised as the university is on this year’s shortlist.

Thu 03 Aug 2023, 16:42 | Tags: widening participation

Revitalising Coventry’s Automotive legacy: University of Warwick experts lead Transport Museum Takeover to empower future innovators

Academics from departments across the University of Warwick will take over Coventry’s landmark Transport Museum for one day in July, and welcome 100 students from 10 local schools.

Mon 03 Jul 2023, 11:06 | Tags: Event, WMG, Coventry Transport Museum, widening participation

The success of University of Warwick's 'School Tasking' Project inspires 26 other universities to take on the project ahead of Channel 4's brand new 'Junior Taskmaster' Show

The University of Warwick is proud to announce the success of the 'School Tasking' project, created by Dr Ali Struthers from Warwick Law School, as part of an ongoing widening participation effort that has inspired a nationwide rollout.

Tue 28 Mar 2023, 13:33 | Tags: widening participation, Law

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