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Course transfer

The Student Records Team will consider requests from students on behalf of the Academic Registrar (for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students) and the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies (for postgraduate research students), if the request is supported by the outgoing and incoming departments, to change the course on which the student is enrolled. The procedure to follow is:

  • discuss the matter with your personal tutor;
  • if a change of department is involved, discuss the matter with the new department;
  • if the department(s) supports your proposal, make a formal request to your current department via Student Records Requests in Student Records Online
  • if your request is approved we will write to you confirming the same.

* If you have a Student Visa (CAS) to study in the UK, the University will be required to inform the Home Office - Visa & Immigration of this change to your course;
* If you are a UK/EU undergraduate student, we will inform the SLC of the change to your course;
* Enrolling with the University does not give you an automatic right to change course;
* If your new course requires you to obtain an ATAS certificate, before your transfer can be approved, you are required to have obtained your ATAS certificate and have submitted a copy to Student Records;