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The Student Records Team are currently working on a hybrid basis, with a mix of on-campus and remote working until further notice. During this time there may be an impact on services to support replacement transcripts. We appreciate your understanding and if there is anything equivalent we can provide, via email, do not hesitate to get in touch.

During graduation our transcript team will be in the office full time assisting the Awards and Ceremonies team January 2022 ceremonies.

Please note that, unfortunately, we are not permitted to email copies of transcripts – this is an unchanged policy from the Education Executive.

A transcript is an official summary of academic performance, including qualification obtained, modules taken and marks achieved. It also details your University start date, programme of study, level and degree class conferred (as appropriate). The transcript is a legal University document and therefore cannot be altered.

Student Records are unable to produce an 'official' printed transcript of studies for current taught postgraduate students who have not yet had their award conferred by the Senate. Postgraduate students will be notified by the Student Records team when their award has been conferred. Until notification of conferral has been received you must request an interim transcript from your department. A printed copy of your transcript will be produced for successful taught postgraduate students for your Degree Congregation that you will receive together with your award certificate where possible. You may request additional copies if required.

Current Undergraduate Students who have not had your award conferred by the Senate should make use of the formative HEAR until the HEAR has become finalised.

Please note

Transcripts sent by standard airmail to overseas addresses are sent by Deutsche Post and can take between 2-8 weeks to arrive depending on the destination. Please note that this service is NOT trackable (or signed for on delivery) and so if you require a trackable service, you should select the DHL courier option.

*Please note that due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, DHL have a published a list of countries affected with longer delivery times. Please check for the most up-to-date information on the DHL webpage as the situation is dynamic and subject to change without notification.*

Degree Certificates

Alumni will be able to order authorised copies of their award certificate or a replacement copy of their award certificate from our colleagues in the Awards & Ceremonies team.

How do I order transcripts?

To place a transcript order, please check the boxes below for guidance and complete an online order form.

For further queries, please contact (please include your student ID number)

I am a current student who has not yet had their award conferred by the Senate

If you are a current postgraduate student or have not yet been notified by Student Records that your award has been conferred by the Senate, Student Records cannot produce an 'official' transcript of studies. You must request an interim transcript from your department.

If you are a current undergraduate student, you should make use of your Higher Education Achievement Report as your department will not provide interim transcripts for undergraduate students.

If you have been notified your award has been conferred or are a former student you can request additional copies. Please read the guidance below.

I am a current Undergraduate student who needs a transcript

The HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) has replaced the printed academic transcript of studies for Undergraduate students and Student Records no longer provide paper transcripts to those Undergraduate students who graduated from July 2012 onwards. The HEAR is issued as an electronic document and will include details of academic achievement, including module marks, and will also provide information about your programme of study and some additional achievements undertaken whilst at university. You will be able to give third parties, such as potential employers or other Higher Education Institutions, secure access to your HEAR. It will also be possible for you to print hard copies if required. It is hoped that the information provided on the HEAR will prove useful both to graduates entering the job market and to employers. You will be able to log in to your Grad Intel account in order to access your HEAR (a fully verified, digitally signed, electronic transcript). For further information about the HEAR, please visit the HEAR FAQs page.

If, however, you are obliged to provide a paper transcript for application or VISA purposes, please complete the online form.

If you have been notified your award has been conferred or are a former student you can request additional copies. Please read the guidance below.

I am a current student who has just graduated and:

Student Records make every effort to send out Transcript of Studies with your Certificate to be posted by the Awards and Ceremoines team. When their is an issue with missing information or we require clarifcaton, we may hold back your certificate until your department respond. If this delay is more than 2 weeks we will inform the Awards team to send your certificate without the transcript. The transcript will follow as soon as the issue has been resolved. If you paid for courier for your certificate the transcript will be not be sent by courier but by standard airmail.

It is the responsibility of the department to upload marks, resits, mitigating circumstances etc. that may affect your final grade for a module following the marks management process. Student Records do carry out quality checks before posting but, this is not an exhaustive check.

If you think there is an error, please contact your department in the first instance for them to confirm the mark held in the Student Information System (SITS) not what is held on the departments own records. Student Records cannot amend marks and at the time of graduation we receive an increase of correspondence and you can expect a delay in replies. It is a much swifter process for the department to confirm marks directly to us.

If an amendment is required, the department will need to reprocess the correct mark. Once the correct marks are present, we can reproduce a transcript and post the amended document to you via standard airmail.

I am an alumni or a current student who has received conferral notification from Student Records

Transcripts can be ordered in multiples of 5 at a cost of:

  • £25.00 for 5
  • £30.00 for 10
  • £35.00 for 15

Please note there is a minimum order of 5 copies.

We can offer a variety of postal options at the costs below:

  • Collection* - free (*not currently available due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions)
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class - free (NOT TRACKABLE)
  • Standard Airmail delivery - free (NOT TRACKABLE)
  • DHL - £20.00 (Please note this fee covers one address only)

All iHEED programmes: Please visit the Warwick Medical School for further details or contact iHEED directly via their contact page

MBA students: Warwick Business School manage the administration of Master of Business Administration transcripts. Please email:

MPA students: Warwick Business School manage the administration of Master of Public Administration transcripts. Please email:

MSc in Police Leadership and Management students: Warwick Business School manage the administration of MSc in Police Leadership and Management transcripts. Please email:

Erasmus/Junior Year Abroad/Undergraduate Overseas Exchange students: please visit the Student Records HEAR page for further details on how to access your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

International Foundation Programme students: please contact the International Foundation Programmeoffice.

PhD and other research degree students: the University of Warwick is not able to produce transcripts for research students. The Student Services office, however, can issue a Confirmation of Award letter. Please contact studentservices at warwick dot ac dot uk for further information.

Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science (PGCTSS): Please email: or visit Transferable Postgraduate Skills

MB ChB students: Warwick Medical School manage the administration of MB ChB transcripts.

Certificate in Diabetes Care courses (route codes B706, B709, B710, B720, B722, B723) students do not have transcripts issued for these courses. Please contact the Warwick Medical School for further details

In normal circumstances, Student Records will aim to post out transcripts within two weeks* of an order being received. This may take longer during busier periods e.g. July/August and January, as preparation for Graduation Ceremonies and HEAR production will be taking place.

Transcript requests from graduates prior to 2002 may take up to 8 weeks, as we will need to contact departments to request marks.

*Due to the pervasive effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Student Records team are working at reduced capacity and, as such, there will likely be significant delays and disruption to our normal printing and postage services.

No. In order to maintain our transcript document integrity and authenticity, the policy from the Education Executive team does not permit transcripts to be issued electronically. Only the HEAR can be shared electronically by undergraduate students.

Yes. Transcripts can be sent to multiple addresses. Please ensure you complete the relevant sections of the order form accurately and include how many transcripts you would like to send to each address.

Yes, it is possible to seal and stamp your transcripts in individual envelopes. Please ensure this is requested clearly on the order form.

In normal circumstances* you can collect your transcripts from University House. Please remember to bring some formal identification when you come to collect your transcripts.


I am a former student who graduated before 2002:

University Regulations did not require the University to keep records of marks centrally for students graduating prior to 2002 (module and mark records were previously held within academic departments). Whilst Student Records will make every effort to obtain past marks and produce a transcript, this can understandably take some time and, unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee availability of all information pertaining to your course of study. Please be aware that requests for such transcripts can take up to 8 weeks to fulfill.

If your need is urgent, you can request a Confirmation of Award letter from the Student Services office while we try to obtain your marks.