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Our Priorities


The Finance Office has two principal aims:

  1. To support business planning and innovation in order to maximise the financial resources available to the University and create the long-term sustainable financial platform required for future growth
  2. To ensure that the University maintains its reputation for financial integrity and reliability

And nine long-term priorities:

  1. To support the identification of business opportunities, acting in an advisory capacity, ensuring that best practice and lessons learned are shared across the University
  2. To facilitate robust financial decision making across the University
  3. To build relationships with all departments, focusing resource on high risk activities
  4. To modernise Finance systems, processes and reporting mechanisms to improve service and efficiency
  5. To seek procurement savings and introduce new ways of purchasing, which better meet the needs of the University and its Departments
  6. To maintain a sound system of financial control
  7. To implement effective treasury management and to ensure there is sufficient borrowing capacity to meet the long term aims of the University
  8. To minimise the University’s tax charges and compliance costs
  9. To provide effective and high quality contractual support across a wide range of non research related activities.