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AV in Teaching Spaces
What is all of the AV Equipment at and within the Lectern? What does it all do?

Please see the following support content to learn more about the various different types of tools, technologies and teaching aids that we have available for use at our Lecterns within our Centrally Timetabled Teaching Rooms (CTTRs).

Do you have any training materials I can view?

Yes, we have this dedicated training content.

Assistive Listening Systems - What technologies are installed within the CTTRs?

There are two types of Assistive Listening Systems deployed into our CTTRs within the University, they are the more traditional Hearing/Induction loops and the newer Infrared systems (IR). Further information on these technologies and on the loan Listen IR Receivers that we hold in stock is here.

What software is installed on the Managed Windows 10 Desktop within the CTTRs?

Please see the following support content to learn more about the various different types of software applications installed on Fixed Computers within Centrally Timetabled Teaching Rooms for further details.

Which rooms have the Echo 360 Lecture Capture functionality installed in them?

Information regarding which rooms are presently enabled for Echo 360 Lecture Capture is here.

Using Macs in teaching rooms.

Apple MacBooks can be connected to the data projectors or plasma/LCD screens used in our lecture theatres and small group teaching spaces.

Here is further guidance on connecting.

Experiencing a "Green Screen" on your Lecture Capture recording?

How can I create and edit video content created for teaching and learning?

Please visit the Software pages for a complete list of options available for editing and creating video content.

Cleaning and Hygiene Guidance.

Remember to please clean or sanitise your hands before and after using any AV hardware or electronic devices.

Please see the University guidance in relation to the Covid 19 Lecture Theatre/Room Checklist.

AV Services has produced the following limited guidance based upon our research across the AV/HE Sector and from the consumer and corporate electronics industry.

Hybrid & Video Conferencing
How do I find out more about Hybrid Teaching and plan for Hybrid Delivery?

Please see this support content to learn more about several features located within a number of CTTRs. Consult Academic Technology for further advice & guidance.

I want to use MS Teams with the in-room Wireless Microphones?

Please see the following support content or view our video "Getting started with MS Teams in a Teaching Room" in relation to this feature that is located within a number of CTTRs.

The room I'm in doesn't have any fixed Audio and Video Conferencing systems installed in it, what can I do?

You can borrow one of our portable MS Teams compatible Meeting Owl Pro or Logitech MeetUp Video Conferencing devices, these are ideal for use in a room that doesn't have any other fixed Audio and Video Conferencing systems installed within it.

All of our Meeting Owl Pro and Logitech MeetUp Video Conference units come in a handy carry case with a shoulder strap and handle. We provide mains power leads and USB Type A connector and extension leads (for connection with your laptop, desktop PC or Teaching Room PC) inside each carry case.

I have been invited to an Audio/Video Conference by someone external to the University, will I have the support of AV Services?

We do wish to provide you with support for your call but obviously wish to maintain a universal platform for users to ensure quality service and support throughout. As a department we would suggest that staff members use supported platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

If there are any extenuating circumstances which means you have to use a different platform, please notify us ahead of your call.

Levels of Support & Requesting Assistance
Can any member of staff request technical assistance?

Yes, any member of staff can request technical assistance, including Research Postgraduates

Can any student request technical assistance?
  • AV services offers a "best endeavours" support model based around the availability of staffing, equipment and the timings of any University activities
  • Should any activities be happening outside of the standard teaching day, no guarantee of support can be provided, this is due to only one member of staff being available and scheduled for emergency teaching support.
Will AV Services provide support to student led events?
  • We require that a notice period of more than 3 working days (72 hours) not including weekends or holiday periods, including a detailed description of the event and its associated requirements.
  • We require absolute clarity explicitly stating within the request, ‘ask a question’, ‘book equipment’ or ‘request technical assistance’ that it is for a student led event, thus aiding a timely response.

  • We require staff sign off from either the Warwick Student's Union or an affiliated department for any equipment or services that are needed (such as Echo 360 Lecture Capture) This is to provide authorisation for the activity and indeed accepting responsibility for the equipment being provided (e.g. any damage to radio microphones).
  • Any spaces required would be need to be booked and arranged by the student society, department or students including any spaces needed for technical demonstration or practise activities.
  • We can offer no guarantee of support should any changes need to be made to existing teaching provisions within the space, i.e. of the microphone system, any in-room equipment, structural cabling etc.
  • The provision of advice and guidance as to the best technical approach but no guarantee of event support or a technical solution, especially when using unsuitable venues or substandard equipment.

AV services offers a "best endeavours" support model based around the availability of staffing, equipment and the timings of any University activities.

Does AV Services support local teaching (locally timetabled) rooms?

AV Services will try to fix any issues on a best endeavours basis and answer any Audio Visual related questions that local departments may have to the best of our ability and knowledge, but we are not responsible for or to:

  • Replace existing broken/unserviceable equipment with AV Services owned equipment.
  • Provide funding to replace the legacy AV equipment.

If you would like the added benefits and complete technical support from the AV Services department we would highly recommend that you convert the room to a central teaching space.

Please contact us via the Projects page or Ask us a question form or if you would like us to audit the existing AV equipment/facility and provide you with a report and/or provide a quote in relation to what upgrade options are available.

Does AV Services support Training and Conference centres rooms?

AV will try to fix any issues on a best endeavours basis and answer any Audio Visual related questions that local departments may have, but we are not responsible for or to:

  • Replace existing broken/unserviceable equipment with AV Services owned equipment.
  • Provide funding to replace the legacy AV equipment.

This will operate on an 8 hour SLA, access to request support can be made via the Training and Conference Centres report AV fault form.

Does AV Services provide Event Production facilities and support?

Audio Visual (AV) Services does not operate as a commercial or free at the point of use Event Production or Events Support service.

For Event Production and Video Production products and support please talk to our colleagues in the Warwick Event Production team.

Phone 024 765 23338


Their office is open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4:30pm

Can AV Services log into a PC/workstation on behalf of visitors, staff member or students?

AV Services are unable to login any user to their PC due to GDPR and security reasons.

If you are arranging for an external speaker to use a Warwick PC/workstation, you will need to request a guest account for them. Please provide the IT Services team with at least 24 hours’ notice to create any guest accounts.

Information on guest accounts can be found here

Report a Fault
I am having problems with AV equipment in teaching space - what can I do?

For urgent matters please call us on 024 765 22463 and a technician will be with you as soon as possible

Alternatively, If you are having an issue with any piece of Audio/Video equipment, then you can raise a ticket with us via our web form

For issues concerning the misuse of Centrally Timetabled Rooms
  • If you find someone else in a room that you believe you have previously booked, please contact the Timetabling Team on 024 761 51203 or 024 765 24424
  • For any other issue relating to the improper usage of Centrally Timetabled Rooms please contact:
  • For missing or surplus/excessive furniture, chalkboard rubbers, whiteboard pens and consumables of that nature, please contact:
I am having issues with the sound on a PC in a Centrally Timetabled room, what can I do?
  • Ensure the volume control on the bottom right hand corner of the PC screen is not muted and is turned up to an appropriate volume.
  • Check the volume levels on any of the media (e.g. YouTube, Windows Media Player, VLC) you are trying to use.
  • Check the the control/touch panel on the lectern is not muted and turned up to an appropriate volume.

If the issue persists, then you can contact AV Services team at 024 765 22463.

How can I get the microphone levels adjusted in a Centrally Timetabled space?

The microphones in Centrally Timetabled spaces are pre-set to a certain level to ensure a quality recording for lecture capture. The microphones are primarily there for voice reinforcement not voice amplification.

Borrow AV Equipment
If I need any equipment will AV Services provide this?

If you need any clickers or presentation devices you are more than welcome to arrange a free loan from the ITS Help Desk Drop-in on the First Floor of the Library for the duration of your event.

All you have to do is fill out the Borrow audio-visual equipment form in order to borrow any equipment.

A list of all available equipment to borrow can be found here

What AV hardware do we recommend?

The AV Services team here at the University of Warwick has produced the following purchasing guidance around key recommended AV hardware for Video/Audio Conferencing, Universal Capture and the use of Microsoft Teams.

How do I borrow equipment?

You can submit Borrow audio-visual equipment form in order to borrow any equipment.

Alternatively, you can drop by the IT Help Desk on the First Floor of the Library and they can assist you with filling out the form and providing you with the equipment. Please give as much notice as possible as the equipment you are trying to borrow may have already been booked.

Can any member of staff request to borrow equipment?

Yes, any member of staff can request equipment loans, including research postgrads. Should any student on a taught course wish to use this service they would need a staff member/department to act as guarantor of the equipment.

What equipment can be borrowed?
How long can I borrow the equipment?

5 working days maximum term.

What happens if I can’t return my equipment on time?

Please contact the ITS Help Desk on 024 765 73737 to explain why you cannot return the equipment. Depending on the availability of the equipment and individual circumstances the booking time can be extended.

What happens if I damage any equipment?

You are responsible for taking good care of the equipment and you will have to pay for any damages to the equipment.

You can give us departmental cost code if you believe that department is responsible for paying for the damage.

What equipment do I need to borrow to set up an Audio/Video Conference?

A USB webcam - to capture video & audio

You may need:

A Jabra microphone - to better capture audio

A USB extension lead – to extend the reach of any webcams/microphones

Request Temporary Equipment Setup
What equipment can be set up?
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • Microphone
Are there any charges?

The charges for setting up additional equipment in non-centrally timetabled rooms or committee rooms are:

  • Data Projector, Laptop Screen setup: £30
  • PA system setup: £75
What do I need to do to request this service?
Who is responsible for booking the room?

We would ask that you ensure the space is booked prior to use with enough time to allow for setup. We would also ask that you meet the member of the AV Team at the time of setup to check you are happy and to receive a technical walk through.

How can I upgrade my AV equipment in teaching, seminar and meeting rooms?

If you would like the advice and guidance of AV Services with purchasing or upgrading any equipment, please put through a request on our Projects Page.

Or via Ask us a Question form.

I have some legacy AV equipment or computer hardware that I wish to dispose of...

IT Services dispose of IT equipment in a safe, secure and environmentally sound way, taking into account every legal requirement the University has for IT waste disposal.

For FAQs in relation to our other services please click the appropriate image below

ms teams

Echo 75