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[sched-news] attributes for a news feed

Customise the appearance of a news feed by using attributes in the [sched-news] tag. If the attribute is omitted, the default value is used.


[sched-news num=3 showthumbnails=true tags='Postgraduate,Publications,Research seminars']/fac/soc/dept/news[/sched-news]

Attribute Possible values Default value Description
expandstories all
(empty) Show abstract of all or the first n stories beneath their respective headlines.
expandtopstory true
false Show abstract of the most recent news item beneath its headline.
groupbydate true
false When multiple news items have the same publication date, show the date once followed by the grouped news items.
link true
true The news headline links to the full item.
num Number 5 The maximum number of news items to display.
regex Regular expression (empty) If this attribute is used, the first grouping in the regular expression is the value that is displayed. Any square brackets in the expression must be escaped with a backslash.
showdates true
true Show the news item's publication date.
showsource true
false For news items from a composite news page, show the items' source website in the feed.
showtags true
false Show tags associated with a news item.
showthumbnails true
false Show thumbnail image alongside each news item.
spaceafterdate true
true Add an extra line break between the date and the item(s) published on that date.
tags Comma-separated list of tags (empty) Only show news items that have one or more of the specified tags.
truncatestory number (empty) Maximum number of characters to display for each news item's abstract.
truncatetitle number (empty) Maximum number of characters to display for each headline.


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