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Pin a news item to the top of a page

News items display in chronological order by default, most recent first. When you publish a news item, it appears at the top of the news page template. You can ‘pin’ items, such as important announcements, to ensure they remain at the top of the page above more recent items. You can pin multiple items; they display in order of publication, most recent first.
  1. Go to your news page.
  2. Select Create new item (or edit the published item you wish to pin).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Pin news item above all other news items.
  4. Select Save (or, if you're editing an item, select Save changes).
  5. The published item is at the top of the page and is labelled Pinned:

    Pinned news item

  6. To unpin an item, edit the published item and unselect Pin news item above all other news items. The item drops back into the original order, as defined by the publication date.

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